Worst Heat Wave Phenomena in the World

Worst Heat Wave Phenomena in the World – The heat wave is a pristiwa caused by very hot weather, followed by high humidity. The impact of the heat wave is very much eg forest fires, diseases of human health will be decreased which will certainly result in many deaths.

The cause of this heat wave according to Martin Tingley a climate researcher at Harvard University is due to blocking event that occurs when there is a specific configuration of the jet stream is quite stable.

This causes high pressure and large hills that occur in the West Coast and a low pressure trough in the East Coast area.

He did not rule out the existence of anthropogenic influence or so-called climate change caused by human activity is causing global temperatures are getting higher. Here are some of the worst heat wave phenomena in the world:

Heat wave in Australia

At the 2014 Australian population faced extreme heat wave. characterized by hundreds of fires that hit several states and the temperature almost reached record highs. Most of Australia’s southeast has been experiencing a heat wave that triggered the devastating forest fires in the west coast, burned 55 houses and killed many people.

The temperature reached over 40 degrees Celsius for several days in a row in South Australia and it was forbidden to light a fire even in the framework of recreation in the neighboring state of Victoria, where the tennis athletes competing for the Australian Open fainting, vomiting and cramps it didebabkan because hot air. The game was stopped due to extreme heat.

Health officials in South Australia said there are 129 people were taken to hospital in three days because of fatigue and dehydration due to the heat. In Victoria, there were 109 reported cases and ambulance calls increased almost twice the number of calls to the case of a heart attack.

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Heat Wave Japan


Heat wave etrjadi it happened in Japan resulted in two people were killed and hundreds of others were taken to the hospital over the weekend. A 74 year old woman collapsed while working in a greenhouse in Chiba Prefecture, and after treatment was later pronounced dead. While near Ibaraki, a 61 years old woman was found collapsed in his garden and died.

More than 190 people were taken to hospital due to illnesses related to heat. According to Kyodo News, in 400 cities, the temperature is above 35 degrees Celsius.

The highest temperature recorded in Tatebayashi in Gunma Prefecture and Gifu Ibigawa City, which is 36 degrees Celsius. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, 25 locations across the country, including Kyoto, temperatures over 35 degrees Celsius.

The heat wave in India


Heat wave that occurred in India are killing more than 1,100 people. Sounds terrible, but it turns out the heat wave was not the only case. In 2007, more than 100 residents in the area of ​​North India are victims of the heat wave that reaches a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius.

Uttar Pradesh being the location with the most casualties. In the past week, the southern region of India namely Telangana and Andhra Pradesh were affected. With the lowest temperature of 47 degrees Celsius and the average reaches 50 degrees Celsius.

Glombang cause of this heat caused global warming is getting worse. Some scientists in India concluded, “The heat wave that is rising with an average temperature of 8 degrees in the last 100 years.

The global warming caused by humans in 2014 as the warmest year in the history of the Earth,” Apparently the heat stress experienced by the Earth is indeed on the rise and not only in India. Even the greenhouse effect recorded increases in the United States because of air pollution. Now, some other countries have also warned about the heat wave.

Heat Waves More In France


In France, 14 802 deaths occur due to the heat wave, according to data from the French National Institute of Health. French generally do not experience very hot summers, especially in northern areas, but for seven days in July-August, 2003, France has a temperature over 40 ° C (104 ° F), which was recorded in Auxerre, Yonne.

Because summer is usually relatively moderate, most people do not know how to react to very high temperatures and most homes and housing facilities were built in the last 50 years is not equipped with air conditioning. In addition, the high temperature is very rarely considered a major threat.

This heat wave disaster occurred in August, the month in which many people, including government ministers and doctors, are on vacation. Many corpses were unclaimed for weeks because their relatives were on vacation.

A refrigerated warehouse outside Paris used to accommodate the bodies because they did not have enough space. On 3 September 2003, 57 bodies were still unclaimed in the Paris region were buried together.

Heat wave that occurred in the world lately is very terrible, because of the effects and the impact is huge. This terrible phenomenon occurs indirectly due to human actions that are greedy uprooting trees in charge of maintaining the balance of the earth.

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