Villages Without Men and the Women Only

Villages Without Men and the Women Only – A village is a cool place, filled with laughter, fresh air, and the lives of people there are full of intimacy and mutual cooperation.

That picture of most people to the existence of the village. But the fact is a lot of weird village, one of which is the village inhabited by women without any one man. why it can happen? The following review :

Without Lak village Both Kenya Umoja

We know, the name of settlements or villages, certainly inhabited by people with different ages and genders. But unlike the small village is located in pastures Samburu, northern Kenya. Residents in this village are all women women with no one else lelaku. Even men are prohibited from entering the village.

This community is named Umoja made by 15 women in 1990. 15 women are the ones who was once raped by British soldiers. Kenya Umoja village offers hope to women who had been abused by a man. This is where the women seeking refuge from the violence they experience such as rape, marriage under compulsion, female genital mutilation and domestic violence.

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Seita Lengima is the oldest resident in Umoja saying that outside these communities, women restrained and regulated by men so that the fate of women can not be changed. In Umoja, women have freedom.

Rebecca Lolosoli, co-founder of Umoja been hospitalized after being persecuted by the current set of man revealed the idea to create a community of women. The collection of men beat him up and give a lesson for daring to talk to other women in the village about their rights are constrained.

Do not think the women who took refuge in Umoja just women who seek freedom and protection. In this village, the women have painful stories of the past that is not heard by the men in their residence first. for example mamusi, a greeter in the village of Umoja.

Mamusi said he exchanged with some cows by his father at the age of 11 years to become the wife of a 57-year-old priayang. Another woman named Jane who is now aged 38 years was raped by three men. At that time Jane was herding goats belonging to her husband. Jane suddenly attacked by three men who then raped her.

Embarrassed and hurt, Jane did not dare tell anyone about the events that happened. But when her husband found out what happened, Jane actually beaten with sticks by her husband. Jane finally took his son and went from his home village to the Umoja.

The women here also learn a lot of things that are usually prohibited such work and make money themselves. In Umoja, they can earn their own income by selling jewelery they make, these women feel very proud of the results they can.

Until now, efforts to get justice, especially for those who had been raped by a foreign army did not produce results. But for the women of Umoja, the most important thing for them is to have a safe place.

Villages Without Men Noiva do Cordeiro Brasil

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The beauty of the city Noiva do Cordeiro is already well known. The hills that lie with gorgeous and beautiful, tall trees cool to make people not want to go from this beautiful city.

This city does look like a regular city. But who thought that the city was only inhabited by women only. Noiva do Cordeiro inhabited by about 600 women aged 20 to 35 years. The men certainly want to visit this city. But not as easy as that, the existing legislation in this very city.

Some women actually married. They come to the city only to work while the husband can release a sense of missed only on weekends only. The city is very well organized very well. The women were able to work so well that this city always looks cool and safe even if you have to walk at night alone. It can be said, the women are much more responsible than men.

The city began to be established in the 19th century by a woman named Maria Senhorinha de Lima. Maria was forced to marry by his parents to a man. Because ostracized due branded as adulterers, finally in 1891 Mary went to an area. The city eventually named Noiva do Cordeiro be the residence of Mary along with other single women.

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Without Guys Sakakah village Saudi Arabia

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A small village located on the edge of town Sakakah, al-Jawf province, southwest Saudi Arabia is unique and odd article of the entire population is female. however, do not imagine women in these settlements freely at will do whatever they want. Village board recently issued a ban on girls in order not dressed tomboy.

This village was flooded with women from other cities in Saudi Arabia because of its uniqueness which only contain women. However, the natives claimed to dislike the newcomers bring foreign culture as clothing showing genitalia were exposed.

Reason occupants only women, because there is a separation between men and women in the area of al-Jawf in religion. Village board issued threats to expel the women in the village who did not behave well. Initial target was the girl who dressed like a man and wearing clothes is not feasible.

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