Tradition of gelding Man Ever Happened At The World

Tradition of gelding Man Ever Happened At The World – Castration or medical castration in a language called Gonadectomy genital cutting is a process to eliminate the biological function.

It is commonly used for the treatment of prostate cancer procedures in order to reduce or even eliminate the intake of testosterone hormone either chemically or surgery is done to slow the progression of cancer. In the life of ancient times, castration is carried out as punishment for criminals.

History mentions, castration is done intentionally from the city of Lagash in Sumer or Assyrian. They are generally castrated male slaves commonly called eunuchs in English or eunuch or lose her fertility (castrated) as devices for the benefit of human biological conception cut out.

Here are some of the traditions of human castration that has ever happened in the world:

castrated tradition of Cult of Cybele


The first practice of human castration very sad, the article of the followers of Cybele cult of ancient Rome did gelding to yourself voluntarily.

According to the book On Roman Time works Salzman, each dated March 24 sect members celebrate Dies sanguinis or ‘the blood’. On the day of the cult of Cybele and Attis offered the blood of their own. Some even carry out the castration of self.

The practice of castration is generally carried out by residents Galli. In 101 BC, the Roman government outlawed this capon and commands animal sacrifice instead.

Castration practice of Naesi In Kingdoms of Korea


Naesi, eunuchs of the royal era Korea also suffered castration. Waiter members of the royal and state officials has since become known during the Goryeo Dynasty.

In 1392 when the Joseon Dynasty came to power, the naesi under the auspices of a special department and consists of two levels of classes, namely sangseon and naegwan. According to the book Children in Slavery Through the Ages, legend has it that the gelding process naesi done by anoints genitals boys with human feces and told the dog to bite.

During the Yuan Dynasty, eunuchs into a desirable commodity for the tribute, and dog bites were replaced with more sophisticated surgical techniques.

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Practice gelding of castrato In Europe Church


Until the 19th century, in Europe there are still castratism practices in children under age. It is the practice of castration of the male singers as they have not yet reached puberty.

The goal is to maintain the quality of the singer’s voice. Because these musicians are usually difficult to sing the high notes as a teenager.

The singers who underwent castratism called castrato. Castrato common until the 18th century, because at that time women are still banned from singing in church.

This practice began to wane in the early 19th century According to Alessandro Moreschi and the World of the castrato, the last castrato voice was Alessandro Moreschi documented. He served as a singer in the choir of the Sistine Chapel. Moreschi died in 1922.

Castration of Human in Vietnam


Kingdoms of ancient Vietnam adopted a system of eunuchs and castration techniques from China. At that time, the only man who can stay in the palace is king.

According to Vietnam Heritage Magazine, the eunuchs served as a servant to the female members of the royal family. They carry out activities of common servant girl, namely massaging, putting on make up, and prepare concubines before intercourse with the king.

Eunuchs are required to undergo the process of castration to prevent the possibility of an affair with one of the women in the palace. Castration process is done by cutting around the genitals, including the penis and testicles with a sharp knife.

Before the candidate eunuch tied on a table and genitals with water sterilized pepper. After the cut, a tube is then inserted into the urethra to allow urination during healing.

Gelding tradition of Sect Skoptsy


Skoptsy is a secretive sect in the reign of the Russian Tsar. Skoptsy name comes from the ancient term Russia ‘skopets’ which means ‘he castrated’. This sect is known for the practice of voluntary castration performed by men and women members.

Skoptsy people believe that after the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had a piece of forbidden fruit is grafted into their bodies, namely the testicles and breasts.

With the removal of sexual organs, they assume that humans would avoid the sin of lust. This movement emerged in the late 18th century, but its existence was opposed by the empire and then the Soviet Union. After the 20th century, this sect movement no longer heard.

Gelding practice of Human in China


Castration of eunuchs are part of a tradition in ancient China. This practice run for several dynasties. At that time, castration is a requirement to get a job at the palace as a eunuch.

For a eunuch can sometimes acquire great power in the palace. Kasim will earn the trust of the emperor because most likely they will not be tempted to seize power and start a dynasty.

There are two ways to perform the castration of eunuchs candidate. The first technique is to make the process when someone castrated adult.

The second way is to conduct prospective eunuchs castrated while still a child. Genital area clipped at least three times a day until the stunted. In this way, castrated boy would have feminine characteristics such as small voice and no Adam’s apple.

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