This is Types of Phobia that much Experienced by Human

This is Types of Phobia that much Experienced by Human – In general Human have anything that will make them afraid, either the fear in animals, a certain situation or a state that is not inconceivable.

This sort of thing is known as phobia, according to psychological, phobia has become a natural thing happens to someone, whether it is because of the influence past or other things that are less good.

The Level of fear it self is also relatively small scale, but there are more  phobia which makes it a faint or bad things such as difficulty breathing.


Phobia is a thing that happened because of biological factors that exist in the body of human, such as increased blood flow and metabolism to the brain, or also because there is a structure in the brain that walking is not normal so disturb of the brain.

But also need to know that level or types of phobia is experienced by a person likely to be different, but also limited of several things, there is several types of phobia that people experience, namely :

  • Ablutophobia, afraid to wash in bath room
  • Acarophobia, afraid of insects, especially are the insects that cause itching.
  • Achluophobia, afraid of the dark state.
  • Acrophobia, afraid to high place
  • Aerophobia, afraid to breathe the air with toxic material.

Mostly among people do hypnosis therapy or better known as hypnotherapy, namely by making unconsciously hold or deal directly with the phobia.

The way this one proved to be quite effective to eliminating phobias some people. But not many because it can only ease his fear alone.

Maybe you are also interested to try other alternatives with do consultation ot the other. Some people even must consume certain drugs to be quiet after being in contact with something causes the phobia.

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