The story of that murder was revealed 22 years later

The story of that murder was revealed 22 years later – In the 1975 case of the murder of a 16-year-old girl named Martha Moxley That Shook the World.

The murders occurred at the home of Martha Moxley yard, in the area of Greenwich, London. Martha Moxley was found dead with wounds blows hard object on the head, allegedly raped and murdered after the dead body was found with a half-naked.

This case is not easy to solve because the evidence found proof not able to show who the suspects. However, in addition to the bodies found Moxley bloody golf club allegedly used to hit the head of Martha untuj killer to death.


Over time, none of the detectives who are able to reveal this murder for years. Until well into the year to 22, a detective named Mark Fuhman coming from Los Angeles, who find this case.

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But he underestimated  by others because it has a lot of detective investigating the case but can not find who the killer is in fact already considered the case closed.

To gather evidence and find out who the murderer of Martha Moxley, Mark Fuhman interviewed Martha Moxley kin and his mother is Dorothy Moxley.

In 1975, there was a family that still includes Kennedy relatives, who moved to the front of the house of Martha Moxley.

The family has two sons aged 16 years that Michael Skakel and his brother 17-year-old Thomas Skakel. Martha Moxley unintentionally when it saw quarrel Michael Skakel and Thomas Skakel in front of his house fell in love at first sight with Thomas Skakel.

It turns out the two sisters went to school with. But Thomas Skakel has properties that can not be faithful to one woman, but it did not deter Martha to be associated more with Thomas.

Apparently, Michael Skakel in love with Martha Moxley and very envious of her sister Martha were often together.

Worse, Martha was always good with everybody seemed to give false hopes to Michael Skakel because Martha always want to if taken for a walk with him.

Until one night on 30th October 1975, Skakel brothers held a party attended by her friends at school, including Martha Moxley.

How shocked Michel Skakel very loved Martha saw Thomas Skakel was making in the rooms Thomas. Martha was found dead the next morning on the home page Martha, and  investigator of the cases led to Thomas Skakel because he was the last joint Martha.

Apparently, a fact also find  by Mark Fuhrman, who was nearly given up, 22 years after the crime, the murderer of Martha Moxley was Michael Skakel.

On that night, he is upset to see his brother making out with a woman he was in love, furious and decided to kill Martha, who was walking home from Martha.

Michael hit martha with golf sticks his father repeatedly until he died. Thomas made as if Martha was raped so that the culprit leading to Thomas, but Michael did not rape her.

Finally, in 1997, Thomas who was aged 38 years was arrested by the London police and locked up in prison to this day. No one else leading up to Michael as a suspect because he is actually a good boy, but because he did love blinded reckless.

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