The story of Legend of the Stone Princess Pukes in Takengon, Aceh

The story of Legend of the Stone Princess Pukes in Takengon, Aceh – Takengon is a region in Central Aceh which is a plateau. The natural scenery in Takengon is still very beautiful, cool and beautiful.

At night, the air becomes very cold Takengon. From the city of Banda Aceh and Takengon, takes 6-7 hours of travel by private vehicle.

In Takengon there is a lake called Lake Freshwater offering views of outstanding natural beauty. Many local residents who fish in this lake and not least also relax around the lake while enjoying the beautiful panorama.


Not far from the area of Lake Air Tawar Takengon, there is a famous tourist spot in Aceh, namely Batu daughter Pukes.Yang attract tourists to visit the Stone Princess Pukes is a legend-like story Malin Kundang.

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Stone Princess Pukes in a small cave located on the hill where you have to climb a few pieces of stairs to get to the mouth of the cave.

In ancient times, there lived a princess named Princess Pukes of Takengon. She is a beautiful princess and a lot of men who like it. However, one day she met a handsome man who made him fall in love. It turned out that the man also loved Princess Pukes and men decided to marry Princess Pukes.

However, it turns out the mother of Princess Pukes very fond of the Princess Pukes not condone the goodwill of the man who wants to marry Princess Pukes.

Mother Daughter Pukes worried her son would leave her if she was married. Although the mother does not agree, it is not a barrier for Pukes daughter to marry him. There is no other choice, let alone the Princess Pukes mother to marry the man she loved it.

However, the mother of Princess Pukes say if you are already married and went after your husband left his mother, not the least you turned to your mom.

Until the arrival time of the wedding of Princess Pukes with the man, when it will be goodbye to her mother who was Pukes daughter and her husband and bodyguard headed towards the hills, accidentally Princess Pukes looked back toward her mother were very sad to be left out by it.

Instantly course, Princess Pukes turned to stone. It turns out his mother said in my heart that the Princess Pukes look at him as she would go with him to the top of the hill, then he will be a stone.

The men seeking -Search Pukes daughter as he walked ahead toward the hill, very surprised to see her turn into a rock. Stone was also shed tears continuously because of his deep sorrow to be separated from her husband and his mother.

Until now the stone is still tears but not as often as before, and the shape of the stone’s Daughter Pukes increasingly enlarged due to the dripping water from the upper mouth of the cave.

If you are curious to see this stone, please visit Takengon, where rock caves daughter Pukes Area is located in the region of Lake Freshwater.

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