The human of skin weirdest in the world

The human of skin weirdest in the world – As we know that the skin is one of the five senses which have a variety of functions such as a tentacle, a tool in the form of spending the sweat glands, organs protector underneath, and many other  functions.

But not all humans have the normal skin as it is in humans have in general. Some cases that occur in the world requires that human skin is unique and strange that mostly occurs due to an abnormality of genetic or rare diseases, and here we have outlined in humans by skin of weirdest in the world:

Resembling Leather Tree

Dede Koswara, is Indonesian fisherman with 35 years old, dubbed the “tree man” because of wrinkles warts all over his body. He first noticed the warts on his body after cutting a wart on his knee as a teenager.


Over time, the condition worsened Dede was sacked from his job, abandoned by his wife and shunned by neighbors because of a skin disease suffered HPV.

He has two children. After the case was published widely, donations from the public and government help allowed her to get treatment. In 2008, six kilos of warts successfully removed from his body.

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Colored Blue


Paul Karason is derived from Madera, California, suddenly appeared on the show ‘live’ NBC Today and shocked many people. How not, the man nicknamed “Papa Smurf” in this unusual skin, which is blue. This condition he get when intended to treat skin infections suffered by the drug “silver colloid”.

At that time, Paul was frustrated with skin disease suffered. Because the disease is also the one that claimed the lives of his father.

With that condition, he decided to treat the disease with medication of  ingredients own, namely “colloidal silver”. The government itself has banned the use of these drugs since 1990. However, Paul claimed but failed to treat infections of the skin, the drug could treat gastric acid diseases, sinus, and arthritis suffered.

Most skin Elastic World


The first skin strangest owned by Garry Turner 41-year-old man from England has a leather-like rubber that can be stretched until she was crowned the most elastic-skinned man in the world.

Because Grry neck skin elasticity can be used as a cover mouth and stomach skin like a table to put a bottle of liquor.

Garry himself admits that his skin 2 x thinner in comparison to skin of normal human. Garry have skin like this as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome are extreme is a rare genetic disorder that loosen the of skin. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is usually also would weaken the joints and blood vessels, and only occurs with a ratio of one in 10,000 people.

Skin Like a Canvas Painting

Dermatografia is a skin condition that is too sensitive to anything, including sunlight. If exposed to a little light can cause red spots on the skin. And it is experienced by Ariana Page Russell from America.

But with this condition, he can bring something beautiful of its abnormality. He made the artwork and make his body as a living canvas. Simply press the skin with a blunt object, Ariana can be carved with beautiful patterns on his skin. Later, he photographed the motive and sell them as works of art.

Ariana should be photographing the results of his work, because the  skin will return to normal (back to normal) in just over half an hour. Ariana art work was rewarded with the price is quite expensive. According to experts, Dermatografia is a common condition that occurs in society.

Skin Like a Chameleon Changing Color


Due to metabolic disorders, a child in the UK to be like a chameleon, because of his skin color can vary. If the boy is too much eating carrots, then skin color  will gradually turn into orange color, like carrots are eaten.

The boys name is Leo Barnet, which is currently 4 years old. Leo Barnett is known to have a rare condition, called hyper-beta carotenemia.

Hyper-beta carotenemia is the body’s inability to metabolize beta-carotene contained in carrots. through blood tests, doctors concluded that Leo Barnett’s body can not produce an enzyme to prevent the accumulation of  beta-carotene. Under normal conditions, an excess of beta-carotene does not cause a fatal impact to the body.

But in this Leo, excess beta-carotene in the body not only make her change color, but also makes it vulnerable to infection. That is because the lack of intake of vitamin A to maintain his endurance.

Skin Like a Paper

Do you know if there’s a woman in China who suffer from rare diseases to be doodling his skin only with nails woman named Huang Xiangji has skin like paper he could write in his own body just by using nails, a woman aged 52 years, it has experienced abnormalities rare skin since childhood by experts Huang’s verdict artificial urticaria syndrome.

Some skin specialists say that this syndrome is basically just an allergic reaction, but very rarely occur until the patient can use the skin as a book.

Leather Shell of  turtle


Maimaiti Hali is a child who comes from China, at this time was 11 years old. He had physical deformities in his back. Maimaiti backs covered with hard skin cells are growing, so the hard skin cells are shaped like a tortoise shell. Maimaiti Agency was slightly bent because of stiff by the insistence of the shell.

In addition to physical pain, he must also accept the ridicule and scorn from peers who say that Maimaiti was the son of turtles. In 2010, Maimaiti eventually undergo surgical removal of the shell on his back.

During two hours, he was operated on at the Military Hospital of Xinjiang Province, China. Actually, the father wanted the operation was done a long time, but the doctors said that the operation can only be done at the age of 8 years old Maimaiti.

Maimaiti who suffer from this disorder at birth, now he can live a normal life because the shell in his back was gone. However, different from the child’s skin remains normal. The former shell scars are colored black.

Hairy skin Cats


The next is Li Xiaoyuan girl dubbed “cat girl”, because there is fuzz gray that grows in almost the entire body. At the age of 6 years, Li Xiaoyuan find a mark as a birthmark on the back of his body. But then, marks the birth of overgrown fuzz fur. Over time, the sign was growing and now cover almost half his back, and extends to the hands and face.

Li Xiaoyuan parents finally took him to the doctor, but the doctor instead of confusion and could not take any action to treat Li Xiaoyuan. According to doctors, the possibility Li Xiaoyuan had a skin disease that is very rare and strange unknown type of disease and its causes.

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