The existence of the Mystery Train Ghosts St. Louis Canada

The existence of the Mystery Train Ghosts St. Louis CanadaSince centuries ago, the village of St. Louis, who was in Saskatchewan Canada, has been known for occult phenomena is St. Louis Ghost Train.

It contained At the intersection of the old railway which is located on the border of the village, or rather outside the village, witnesses who have long seen reporting what they clay is like the light from spotlights train from a distance, which appears not know where and gradually move approaching them.

It is usually accompanied by a smaller red light, and then slowly both will disappear without before the train reached the railway crossing.

According to legend in the village, a conductor once his head severed by a train on a railway crossing this old, this is what makes the belief that greater light is the light of the train and the red light is a lantern which was then taken by the ghost conductor without a head.

Although the railway track no longer in use for more than 30 years, and the rails are also gone, but the ghost lights continued to make appearances every night.


More recently, two local high school students trying to solve a mystery that occurred in the village through his scientific work. They waited at the intersection of the old railway while one of their father drove with lights on from different locations so far.

When the car was on the highway precisely on top of a hill, 8 kilometers (5 miles) away, two students are seeing the light rail light resembling a ghost they seek. They then theorized that light which is known as the light of the train ghost is really just a vehicle lamp which is enhanced by an optical phenomenon known as diffraction.

Both of these students eventually won awards at science fairs. But many local residents who do not believe that their theory has uncovered a mystery, because the railroad ghost sighting reports started before the car used in the region. What do you think ?

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