The discovery of Very Important Missing Once Only

The discovery of Very Important Missing Once Only – Humans make every effort to keep finding new breakthroughs in all areas that we believe all this is done to facilitate and help humans in life.

The hope of a better life makes these scientists worked with remarkable, even beyond what we imagined. But unfortunately, some excellent invention is not a happy ending as we expected even no trace of its existence until today. Here’s a very important discovery that disappear:

The discovery Laser Cannon of Tesla


Nikola Tesla is one of the most brilliant inventors. Many of his works are utilized until now mainly in the fields of electronics and electricity.

Well, in addition to finding useful inventions, it is said Tesla also creates a laser cannon. This American man even said that if the laser is capable of shooting down a plane from a distance of 322 kilometers.

This also makes the world powers are interested, but Tesla rejected on the grounds of peace. Yes, the man is afraid if the weapon instead will cause huge damage. Yet on the other hand, these weapons may make history changed.

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The Discovery Sloot Digital Coding System


In the early 1990s, a scientist named full Romke January Bernhard Sloot, who was born on 27 Agustus 1945, has created a way of compressing digital files that are astonishing, how not, the file size of 10 gigabytes could he compresses into a measuring only 8 kilobytes, and that too without a decrease of quality. Although it seems it is not possible and much party doubted himself.

But there are investors who are interested in these findings, the company Phillips wants to cooperate further with Jan Sloot. When signing the cooperation will begin, suddenly Sloot had a heart attack and died.

Diskette where he kept the secret program also disappear until now. And humans until now have not been able to create what is said to have dbuat Sloot.

Material Starlite


Starlite discovered in the 1980s by an amateur scientist named Maurice Ward. This thing is a kind of chemical material that supposedly can not be destroyed easily.

Even say if Starlite will not scuff the slightest by the impact of a nuclear bomb. These chemicals form a kind of plastic, but the material was prepared by a complex combination of 21 organic polymer materials and a little ceramic. To test its strength, an egg is coated with the Starlite on the outside.

And then burned at a temperature of 1,200 degrees Celsius. Instead of rupture, the egg did not experience anything like.

In the other test, the material directly with a laser shot 10 thousand degrees Celsius. He can survive without sustaining any damage. Another uniqueness Starlite, it is very light and can be applied in various forms. Liquid, paste, or solid. Not enough with that, Starlite poison free or not toxic at all.

Even so great, who would have thought a lot of people who underestimated this material. Ward himself instead of silence, he also insisted said that if this material will be useful. Unfortunately, persistence is still considered wind. Starlite eventually was lost with the death of Ward in 2011.

Technology of Ogle carburetor


In the automotive industry is currently emerging term fuel injection. The mechanism itself is very long and complex. The point of this technology is able to create a much more efficient motor vehicle fuel.

Although the recent boom, but the technology is already found in the 1970s by a mechanic named Tome Ogle. Although discovered first, fuel injection technology owned Ogle much cooler.

Believe it or not, the technology that made could make us just need to spend a single liter of fuel for 42 kilometers.

This comparison has also been tested by Ogle himself by driving a car that is equipped with the artificial technology. A distance of 322 kilometers, Ogle only takes 7.5 liters.

It was so bad news for entrepreneurs oil. Ogle also been offered millions of dollars as long as he does not make a machine like this again. But with this gentleman firmly rejected.

Until finally in 1981 Ogle was found dead with a bullet head. Without waiting for the FBI or CIA investigation we already know who did it. Unfortunately, the blueprint for injection machines Ogle lost his trail and was never found.

Machine of Chronovisor


The existence of a time machine into something that is still debated today. Scientists say it is impossible to be created, while others say the opposite. Although it will take time to find tens to hundreds of years.

Belief, the machine as it was already created in 1950 by a priest named Pellegrino Ernetti Vatican. Ernetti explain if the machine is shaped closet-sized adults is operated with the buttons.

The man himself is also a scientist who even became a teacher of sorts of the famous physicist Enrico Fermi or Wernher von Braun.

Chronovisor is not able to jump into the future, but he could into the time that has passed. Ernetti even prove it with a picture of Jesus when overtaken. After the death Ernetti, the elders of the Vatican decided to destroy this machine without thinking of copying all the mechanisms or algorithms.

They say if the machine is too dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. If only Chronovisor there may be many dark history that can be changed.

It is unfortunate is not it? And if the technology is successfully implemented would have a lot of things going on.

Maybe we could uncover a history of controversy through Chronovisor, or may not need to queue for already applying Ogle fuel in the engine carburetor us. Nothing to do but wait or start doing research on this anniversary that might only be discovered for many years.

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