The Black Dahlia Murder unsolved

The Black Dahlia Murder unsolved – On January 15, 1947 occurred murder cases that shook the world in Los Angeles. On that day, a woman known as Betty was walking around Leimert Park.

She was viewed as existing mannequin in the garden area and she how shocked that it was the corpse of a woman who cut into two parts.

The condition of the corpse is very pathetic there are a lot of rope bondage wounds, knife wounds, and more terrible again in addition to the bodies cut into two, the bodies are torn lip and cheek.


At a glance it looks like a smiling the corpse. Seeing the corpse, Betty immediately called the local police to report that the corpse.

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After investigation by the police, it was found the fact that the woman named Elizabeth Short was 22 years old coming from Massachusets.

From the results of the investigation, Elizabeth was strangled in advance using a rope over many days and the entire body is scratched and stabbed with a knife until she died.

When found, condition of the corpse very deplorable, the corpse legs wide open and it was found also the fact that the victim was raped and sodomized before being killed and mutilated.

Elizabeth is an artist who moved from her home to Los Angeles to become a Hollywood actress. However, before she reached her dreams had been killed.

But not easy for the police to find Elizabeth. Police had interviewed several acquaintances Elizabeth but the police did not find strong evidence for it.

Police had interviewed the friend Elizabeth who has a cafe where she worked as a prostitute because she is no clear career to reach Hollywood. she decided to become a prostitute to earn money.

Another suggestion, Elizabeth was killed by his customers are obsessed with Elizabeth, who has a beautiful face at that time. But again, the police do not have a strong evidence for it.

Murderer of Elizabeth is a very cleanly and alleged he had planned this murder that the police is very hard to find evidence that could refer to the murderer.

However, a few days after murder, police found a letter allegedly sent by the murderer of Elizabeth. The letter contained a piece of paper that assembled into the sentence “This is the stuff belongs Dahlia (Elizabeth), the mail will follow”.

In the letter there is also a social security card belongs to elizabeth, birth certificates, business cards and photographs of Elizabeth .. Police not standing still, they immediately investigate the fingerprints in the letter did not reveal any sort of fingerprint.

Until now, the case has not revealed clearly. Of the few people who claim as the murderer of Elizabeth, there was no evidence strong enough to imprison these people.

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