Terrible story Behind Famous Cartoon Characters

Terrible story Behind Famous Cartoon Characters –¬†Cartoons are usually dominated by a very funny character. There is nothing like a cute animal, there is a royal princess beautiful and kind. but not least also the character who admired these children have a terrible story behind the story? The following chilling story behind the famous characters:

Pocahontas Famous Cartoon Characters

Pocahontas was an indigenous woman who settle a dispute between the English and the natives, Pocahontas had a romance with someone British. Pocahontas story looks so romantic and loving.

But what happened is not like a love story like in the movies. Pocahontas was kidnapped, raped and murdered. Pocahontas was captured by the British people and making prisoners. Her husband was killed and raped repeatedly until Pocahontas pregnant.


Pocahontas then forcibly married to tobacco farmers, this is done in order to maintain the confidentiality of pregnancy da look legitimate. Pocahontas later symbolized as wild native people who successfully defused. Pocahontas overheard that the UK has no plans to eliminate the indigenous people at the time.

Pocahontas 20-year-old was killed by poison because the English are afraid their plans disseminated to other populations. sugguh terrible is not it ..

Hello Kitty Children The Famous Characters


Who takkenal with cute cat named Hello Kitty, has white fur with short body cute that makes people exasperated and fall in love. But behind the funny thing is that, this female cat has a story that is creepy and horrible. Legend has it that Hello Kitty was first made in 1970, by a mother in china.

This mother has a child who has cancer of the mouth and the mother trying to find a hospital to treat his son. However it is known there is not one any hospitals that can cure his disease. mother continues to struggle unyielding, looking for ways to heal her son.

He always went to the shrine and pray that God will heal his son. So long effort finally reached his mother in despair, because his efforts have not produced results and could not heal his son.

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Finally the mother went to the devil, asking to heal his son. The devil made an agreement with the mother is the devil to request a devil character that could be acceptable to everyone in the world. To cure her son, mother obey this agreement.

when the child recovers, mothers founded the company with the main character Hello Kitty. In China, Hello Kitty has a different meaning, Kitty in china means devil, so it means hello hello kitty devil.

Hello Kitty character does not have a mouth, which shows children who are suffering from oral cancer. While the ears stand up and impressed tapered, is to describe the devil’s own horn. so Hello Kitty referred to as the daughter of the devil.

Rugrats Movie Cartoon Characters In Children


Cartoons this one themed group of infants with their life funny. but behind them a funny story there is a terrible story behind the making of this cartoon.

Rugrats is part of a baby girl Angelica imagination naughty and spoiled. Angelica first imaginary baby is Chucky. Chuckie died around 1997 along with his mother, that’s why dad chuckie Chaz looks often nervous. The second is the imaginary baby Tommy.

Tommy was born around 2000, but he died after being born, that’s why Stu, Tommy’s father keeps in the basement making toys for children who have never had a chance to live. The third is an imaginary baby twins Phil and Lil actually been aborted by his mother.

Angelica did not know what the sex of the baby aborted. So he created the character of twins Phil and Lil. Angelica adult when she became a drug addict, which exacerbated his schizophrenia, which makes him back to life with the imaginary babies.

Teletubbies Character Funny


Tubbies is the plural of a word meaning fat. Behind the cute and colorful costumes of these characters, it turns out there is meaning in every character teletubies displayed.

First Twinky-winky most bongsor characters are depicted with a purple costume, voiceless men and have inverted triangular antenna. Twinky-winky presented a gay group. Representation was further clarified by goods favorite Twinky-winky namely tutu skirt and red leather handbag. In the view of people, the hallmark traits signifying gay people.

Furthermore, Dipsy is the character of a man with a green costume with the antenna upright. Dipsy has a favorite item is a hat that has a view of the significance of the west of the blacks. Antennas perpendicular represents the male genitalia.

The third character is Laa-laa, teletubies this one is yellow, which has a lambda antenna and has a big orange ball as his favorite stuff. the antenna Laa-laa is a symbol of the gay community groups in women. The last character in Teletubies is Po. using red costume, riding a scooter, and a cute voice.

Po has a donut-trunked antenna. Which means gate luck. In the Asian tradition, especially oriental, donuts trunked Gate is a symbol of luck. Po’s favorite item is a scooter, there is a message that Asians are people who are concerned that rapid gains.

Masha And The Bear


This cartoon is a true story about 21 years ago. Character girl named Masha, was able to draw the audience’s attention, not only among small children, but adults as well.

Life with a bear and funny behavior often makes people feel passionately watching and laughing. Behind the silly story masha and the bear is a dark story about a girl? Serial masha is in memory of a girl who died eaten by a bear circus famine. Told that she was very fond of the circus, and asked his parents to go to the circus. There are very many performances so Masha separated from the supervision of their parents.

Masha walk into a room that turned out to be a circus bear who are starving. Tragically Masha eaten by the bear. Because of depressed parents Masha then committed suicide. In the series Masha and the Bear is not shown in the character of parents Masha. really creepy and tragic not.

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