Surprised !! There is Fetus in Womb of Baby in Aged 1 year

Surprised !! There is Fetus in Womb of  Baby in Aged 1 year – Pregnancy certainly must be a common problem for women, but how if pregnancy is experienced by baby is age 1 year.

Certainly it would be unusual right ?, especially  with the fact that at that age there is no fertilization and stem cells are do not produce ovum, then how this can happen, scientifically, certainly there is explanation about it.

This event took place in Beijing, China in 2012,where the doctors were surprised because of the event of pregnancy of girl baby age 1 year.


This is experienced by a family who is afraid after seeing the development of their baby’s stomach is constantly enlarged, and after examination the fact in the stomach of the baby are embrio that is ready to develop into fetuses.

Which parent would not panic with this condition.

After examination, further the fact that pregnancy is not without cause, but because the past when in the womb there should be one more baby is growing, but not so because the separation occurred imperfectly.

Finally, after a CT scan and proved that there was a fetus in the stomach of that  baby, the parents decided   to do surgical of the fetus so that the baby can develop properly.

Certainly different with other types of surgery, because of the removal occurs in baby, se it should be more intensive. The event is like this, certainly that is very complete and surprising.

Basically, humans are only able to  created by the fertilization between the sperm and egg cells, but in the case, the pregnancy even without relationship between woman and man.

For some years certainly it will be the event very rarely and surprise of public, but who knows because there is the power of God behind it.

Pregnancy of the that baby age 1 year, certainly it will be the event that will be remembered, especially, the baby when fully grown she also would not know that he had pregnancy before.

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