Story Welcome to Survive Floating In Ocean

Story Welcome to Survive Floating In Ocean – Far from relatives or friends and even lovers in our lives truly miserable and painful taste. Beautiful things we often do, though a fight would be wonderful in our memories.

Maybe that’s what we feel if someone missed due to distant places to stay. In contrast to the above, several stories below, they apart from their families because of it unintentional.

They were stranded at sea without anyone who could help. Imagine adrift in the middle of the ocean with a long time without you even lovers. The list below:

Troy Driscoll and Josh Long

Troy Driscoll (15) and his friend Josh Long (17) decided to go with the boat for fishing in the waters of North Carolina. They departed without noticing the warning flag will wave mounted high on the beach.

Yet how long the sea, high waves dragged their ships far into the middle. Even when they tried to paddle over backwards, they are even getting dragged away.


Both eventually have to survive in a small boat without the provision of water, food or equipment other than a fishing pole. They did not have directions, and lost without having to know where they go.

Everywhere they saw only water and sunlight. For six days they bronzed sun, do not drink and they also do not dare to go into the water for fear the threat of sharks.

They only survive by hunting jellyfish as food. On the sixth day, after sending a message through the bottle to his family, the rescue team arrived. They rushed to the hospital with burns sunlight conditions and severe dehydration.

Their condition is very pathetic, even the doctors said they could not survive if help does not come soon.

The story of Amanda Thorns and Dennis White


Amanda Thorns (25), his father Willie (64) and his friend Dennis White (64) decided to sail to Cape Cod 6 November 2012 ago. Amanda often sailed with his father in the area, but this time he took the initiative to move into deeper waters and into Bermuda.

Around 12 noon, sudden high wave coming storms. They finally survived by lowering the anchor, hoping that they can safely ship. For four days, the storm would not stop.

The captain, Willie, come out to the deck to try to do something while his son, Amanda sleep. Not unexpectedly, a large wave slammed and make her fall entwined rope. The ship pole crashing fall into the sea.

Dennis and Amanda tried to return to help his father, but to no avail. His father swept away wild sea waves like a monster.

They then tried to wait out the storm subsided and raise the anchor, sail back and hope there is help. Several times they tried to seek help, but no one answered.

Gradually the boat moves aimlessly. 10 days after the storm claimed her father, Amanda fired a flare gun. This time a large tanker saw the sign request their help. November 21 they managed to get in Bermuda, in a state of mourning for the death of his father, but still grateful that they survived.

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Wearing drifting Icebox


August 23, 2012 ago, a fishing boat from Thailand carrying 20 passengers in it. The ship suddenly broke out and began to sink.

Most of the passengers were forced to part with the possibility will never meet again. Two people managed to get into Icebox, a box that they used to store fish, when their boat sank. Icebox of the float and carry them they go somewhere.

Fortunately, at that time the monsoon brings their sail. With rain that gave them fresh water to drink every day. They float armed fresh fish remaining in the Icebox, and that’s what they use to eat for floating at sea by 17 January 2013.

They were lucky because a team on patrol and found them. Both were immediately given aid for dehydration, hunger and sunburn very severe.

Story of Floating 3 Youth in Fiji Island

Samu Perez (15), Filo Filo (15) and Edward Nasau (14) go sailing from Atafu Atoll to home. But they lost a small boat was swept away by strong currents.

They were presumed dead after within a radius of 1000 km sq rescue team searching for their existence. Parents, along with 500 family and their friends held a memorial service mourning and death for them. Meanwhile, three even floating in the ocean. Survive by relying on raw fish and a seagull that landed on their ship.

They also collected the rain water via boat tarpaulins. Unfortunately, the rain did not come every day, and two days before they were discovered, they were forced to drink seawater.

Their condition is very pathetic, severe dehydration, hunger and burns from the sun throughout the body. They were found floating in the over 1600 km Atoll Fiji. Within 50 days adrift, they are really trying hard to live. Their families welcomed them with joy and gratitude, because I never imagined they would be safe.

The story of Steven Callahan


Steven Callahan is a member of the navy plans to sail from the Canary Islands across the Atlantic Ocean to the Bahamas.

He sailed with his personal boat. A week into the trip, the boat was badly damaged due to bad weather and the unknown (suspected whale).

He was forced to leave the ship and managed to escape with emergency supplies of raft rescuer, sleeping bags, food, water rations, navigation charts, speargun and a flare and solar stills (tool condensing sea water into fresh drinking water). He utilizes all of the supplies that are owned, fishing by hand and spear and eat fish of mahi-mahi, tiger fish and flying fish.

He uses stills solar to get fresh water after water supplies run out. One day, when he tried to spear fishing, fishing fish he fled and spear it on his raft. Rubber tube under the raft and leaving a large hole torn.

Impossible raft can stand as they are. Steven tried to fix with sophisticated tools. And on day 76, the first time he saw land. Rescued by a fisherman, he was taken to a local hospital. He spent a month to recover his condition, and boarded the vessel through the west Indies.

The story of Jose Salvador Alvarenga


A man who survived after being stranded at sea for 438 days was forced to speak to the body of his friend, to fight loneliness torture he endured. In January 2014, Jose Salvador Alvarenga, a fisherman from El Salvador, stranded on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean.

He abject least 5,500 miles after the storm hit the boat were thrown off. He was found drenched, very skinny, full of pain and beard, Alvarenga survived after surviving for 14 months. However, his friend Ezequiel Cordoba died after two months of life only rely on rain water, birds and turtles.

Alvarenga then recounted his experiences stranded and survive in the sea to Jonathan Franklin who wrote about him titled 438 Days.

According to Alvarenga, Cordoba health began to decline dramatically after sick from drinking their own urine, eating raw meat and began to refuse food.

Describe the panic experienced when she realized her friend was dying, Alvarenga shouted: “Do not leave me alone! You have to fight for life! What would I do here alone?” After the death of Cordoba, Alvarenga started talking to his friend’s body to kill loneliness swept over her.

Alvarenga tells how he asked a variety of things to Cordoba and answer their own bodies. After a long time what he was doing was increased to hallucinations, to realize new Alvarenga six days later that he had spoken with the bodies of Cordoba. Alvarenga boat stranded on a remote island called Ebon Atoll found by a passing fisherman.

The story attracted international attention and many are amazed how he could escape from death after one year of food shortages.

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