Story of Putroe Neng that Killing her 99 husband at First Night

Story of Putroe Neng that Killing her 99 husband at First Night – At the time of the war in Aceh early 1600s, there was a woman of Chinese descent who is very pretty named Putro Neng.

Just as Cut Nyak Dien, Cut Meutia which is a tough woman who led the war at the time, Putroe Neng is also a formidable woman who led the fight against the enemy.

Putroe Neng assisted by a king named Meurah Johan in leading the war. Apparently, Meurah Johan keep a sense of love towards Putroe Neng and intend to marry Putroe Neng to be his wife.


And the wedding day arrived, until the first night Putroe Neng and Meurah Johan as a married couple terrible tragedy.

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Johan Meurah found dead on her bed covered in blood. Many suspect that Putroe Neng who killed him, but because there is no strong evidence that notion dim with time. Until the time he was married to someone who became her second husband at the time.

As it turned out, the same scene repeated again. Putroe Neng’s second husband was killed in similar circumstances as Meurah Johan, the first husband Putroe Neng, are killed when the first night.

Until the incident repeated up to the husband to 99.

At that time, Putro Neng confused why all her husband was killed when the first night, looking for a doctor who can cure him. Not cured, the physician actually died also when treating Putroe Neng.

Putroe Neng resigned then and accept the circumstances that he experienced. Until one day he had spoken by the Shiite Sheikh Hudam who is her spriritual teacher.

He had warned the Shiite Sheikh Hudam before deciding to accept his courtship, that 99 former husband died during the first night.

Shia sheikh did not care and still determined to marry Putroe Neng. When the first night came, Sheikh Shia Hudam found that indeed in the pubic-owned Putroe Neng there are toxins that cause the deaths of 99 people Putroe Neng previous husband.

Sheikh Shia Hudam managed to remove these toxins from the pubic Putroe Neng and Shiite sheikhs Hudam is the husband to 100 Putroe Neng finally get past that first night safely.

After wondering to the ancestors Putroe Neng, it was found that his ancestors once put the toxins into the pubic Putroe Neng so he would not become victims of war at the time. That is the main problem why Putroe Neng husbands died during the first night.

However, semenjaak poison was removed from the pubic Putroe Neng, the beauty of Putroe Neng gradually decreased not as pretty first.

Until the end of his life, Putroe Neng and Shia Sheikh Hudam not have a son. Up to now, you can see the tomb of Putroe Neng located in the village BlangPulo, Lhoekseumawe intact and awake grave condition.

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