Some Important Terms in the World of Internet

Some Important Terms in the World of Internet – For Internet users would have to know some important terms in the world of Internet course this addition will increase your knowledge about the world of the Internet, it also can help you to be able to try things you’ve never done before in the world of Internet.

world of internet

In this article will explain some important terms in the world of the Internet, here are some of the important terms:

  • Chat: A program in a computer network using the Internet where users can send and receive messages in the form of text, images and other realtime.
  • Client: A computer that has the task to receive data and information that has been processed by the server requested by the client.
  • Dial-Up: The type of Internet connection that uses telephone network.
  • Domain name: The name must be unique specialized and are used for naming a website.
  • Download: The process of making files / data from a website into existing storage media in computer.
  • E-Commerce: A term used to describe the process of buying and selling / trading online.
  • E-mail: A program in a computer network using the Internet is useful for sending and receiving messages in text or image.
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol): A protocol used to ntransfer or receive files from the internet.
  • Hacker: An expert in the field of computers, the Internet in particular, where a hacker may be able to penetrate, destroy, and doing things that are not desirable in a computer network.
  • Homepage: front page or main page is displayed on a website on the internet.
  • HTML: Language computers are useful in the manufacture of a webpage page.
  • Http: //: The code contained in the beginning of a website, to explain the program WebBrowser that the protocol used is http
  • ISP: Companies that provide services provider Internet network.
  • Login: Authorization is performed by a user by entering a username and password on a computer network through the internet, using the interaction program, or electronic mail (e-mail).
  • Modem: additional communication tool used by computer / laptop that can connect to another computer network,specially internet.
  • Netscape Navigator: A computer program that is useful to be able to display the pages available on a website on the Internet, created by Netscape Corp.
  • Password: A secret code used by the user to be able to authorize the username that he has in a particular website.
  • Plugin: special programs that may be added to the program which can help webbrowser webbrowser to display animation, interaction program, a 3D object, a certain well.
  • Script: set of commands that are arranged in a specific computer language (Java, VisualBasic, CGI / Perl) to perform an interactive or animated program in a webpage.
  • Search Engine: A program on the Internet (website only) are used to find specific information needed by the user. For example: Yahoo, Lycos, Altavista, Excite and others.
  • Server: A computer that is in charge of serving the distribution and processing of information required by the client. Servers are usually controlled by an admin.
  • Upload: The process of sending or transfer files from storage media that contained in the client computer that is used by a user to a website on the internet.
  • User: The user or users on a computer network (including the Internet), the interaction program, or electronic mail (e-mail).
  • Virus: hidden programs that can be found in other programs found on the Internet, or on electronic mail, which would be very detrimental to the user and admin, where the program can damage other programs owned by the user on computer.
  • WAP: Facilities on mobile phones that are useful for running certain applications that connect to the Internet.
  • Web browser: a computer program used to display webpages. Examples of web browsers: Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and others.
  • Web page: a page that can be displayed on a website on the internet, which can display, text, images, and even sound, animation and video.
  • Website: set of pages (webpages) which begins with the front page contained an information, advertising, and program interaction.
  • www: The term used in the Internet’s early writing of a website.

Thus some important terms in the internet, hopefully this article useful.

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