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Caught after posting Pictures of Themselves Posing with Luxury Stolen Car and Bikes on Facebook

Posing proudly with the vehicles they stole, these two criminals must rank among the stupidest in Britain. Jonathan Dougan, 26, and Matthew Murphy, 23, took motorbikes, high-performance cars and bottles of champagne from their victims’ homes in a seven-month campaign.

But the dim-witted pair – who were both on parole from prison – came unstuck when they posted dozens of incriminating images on Facebook.

For months they carried out systematic raids on people’s homes and made off with a huge haul of expensive motorbikes and cars.  Thankfully they were the architects of their own downfall and we hope that when they are finally released from prison they realize a life of crime is not their strong suit.’ The thieves had both been jailed in 2008 for nine years after using baseball bats and knives to carry out a series of armed robberies.

But they were freed on license in 2012, after serving half their jail sentence, and returned to crime. In their latest stealing spree in the Manchester area between November 2012 and June 2013 they carried out at least 15 raids. Among their haul were a number of high-value vehicles including a £30,000 Mercedes E820.


But in June last year the owner of a KTM motorbike they stole was tipped off that Dougan was  responsible and logged on to find a  Facebook photo of the thief  straddling it.

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Police then discovered a treasure trove of evidence as well as online entries with Murphy bragging about how he worked ‘for meself’ and photos of Dougan posing with a £50 note stuck to his head. Dougan and Murphy pleaded guilty at Manchester Crown Court to conspiring to steal.

iPad Thieves Caught after taking Selfies to Show Off with Stolen Money

The incident happened on Jan. 8 when Randy Shaefer came out of his River Oaks apartment to find that thieves had broken into his truck and gotten away with his iPad and around $5,000 in cash. He immediately reported the theft to the police, but they had no evidence that would lead them to the perpetrators.

Shaefer even tried to locate his device using the “Find my Ipad” app that was installed, but he believes it was turned off shortly after it was stolen.


However, by a stroke of good luck for Shaefer and bad luck for the two thieves, the criminals decided to use the iPad to take pictures while they were fanning their faces with the money they had stolen. Unbeknownst to them, the area where they took the selfies was near where the owner had previously connected his iPad to the free Wi-Fi connection at a local Starbucks, according to Shaefer.

Consequently, the selfies were automatically uploaded to Shaefer’s iCloud account and he saw their faces while looking at old pictures with his girlfriend on Jan. 16. On the advice of a friend, he uploaded the pictures to Facebook and Redditt, which was then shared by over 11,000 people.

Driver Show Off £1 million Porsche and End Up Smashing It Into a Tree Moments Later

Driving a £ 1 million Porsche 918 Spyder will definitely catch people’s attention even if you don’t try to. Apparently, one cocky driver thought there is a need to show off the luxury car. But things did not go as well as the flashy driver end up losing control of the vehicle and smashing it into a tree.


In a video posted by You Tuber Kristina Champin an overly excited man and a beautiful blonde in the passenger seat were seen cruising St. Tropez in France. Perhaps in an attempt to impress bystanders, the driver stepped on the accelerator and avoided hitting a pedestrian.

The show off driver and the passenger were unharmed, yet the crash caused some serious damage to his super pricey car and ego. Despite the embarrassment, the cocky millionaire still manages to smile after the incident. If there is one thing we learned from hilarious video, it is the pride can only take us you so far

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