Rain Weirdest Ever Happened at the World

Rain  Weirdest Ever Happened at the World – Rain is a natural phenomenon where the water falls from the sky coming from the clouds.

Normally, the rain that falls to earth in the form of sea water from. But not with in the following countries that have experienced the phenomenon of strange rain.

Rain Spider

In April 2007, in Argentina phenomenon rain spider in a very large number. At that time, there was a group of people who were climbing the mountain San Birnardo in Argentina and they found a lot of spiders that roam the land.


After they look for where the spider came from, it turns out the spider measuring 4 inches falling from the sky. Until now unsolved exactly where the spider came from.

Blood Rain


In 2008, a strange phenomenon occurred rain and terrible in Colombia due to rain from the sky is red. Having studied in the laboratory, the rain turned out to contain blood. Can not be known with certainty until now, the cause of this blood rain.

Fish Rain


Some time ago, in Lajamanu, Australia occurred an unusual natural phenomenon that is raining fish. From the sky fell on fish by the thousands, some are still alive and who is dead.

After the investigation was raining fish stems from a rainstorm events in Australia. The fish in the sea carried away by the storm, causing rains of fish in Australia.

Rain Jellyfish


In 2009 there was the rain that is suspected of jellyfish in the sky Scotland. But after the investigation by the National Geographic, jellyfish that contains DNA. Some argue that it is not a jellyfish but a frog ovary spewed by some eagle, from the sky.

Rain Tadpole


In 2009, it was raining tadpoles in Ishikawa, Japan. It is not known exactly why this phenomenon can occur because there is a storm or tornado that could cause this.

Rain worm


In 2001 there was a natural phenomenon that makes a shocker for some people, namely rain worms. However, until now not known exactly why the worm rain phenomenon may occur.

Rain Golf Ball


In 1969, golf balls rain phenomenon occurred in Florida. The number of golf balls that fall from the sky in the hundreds. It turned out that after investigating the golf balls came from a golf  game place in Florida as well. At that time the tornado that golf balls are washed and falling from the sky.

That some of the rain that is unusual is happening in some countries.

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