People Without a Bachelor’s Degree Most Successful World

People Without a Bachelor’s Degree Most Successful World – Between education and success may be one of cause and effect that we usually know.

The higher education materialized, the higher kesuksean to be achieved, because in this modern era, education is a means for someone to be successful.

But unlike the people below who broke a few sentences above. They prove that even without a degree of success can be achieved. The spirit and work hard at what they do. The following people without a college degree to be successful.

Michael Dell

You branded Dell laptop? First acquaintance with Perakitnya. Yes, Michael Dell, a man who dropped out of the University of Texas at the age of 19 years.


After the DO, she diligently assemble computers and sell it yourself on some customers. Because of his efforts, he finally succeeded in establishing the Dell Corporation. Currently, Michael Dell’s wealth reached 15 billion dollars.

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Ralph Lauren


Is Ralph Lauren, the chairman and CEO Ralph Lauren Corp. Man this one has a story that is almost the same as the billionaire-billionaire before.

Ralph Lauren just received his college for 2 years and decided to follow the draft. When he joined the military education, he made the design tie Beau Brummel. in 1977, with a capital of $ 50,000 (USD 602 ​​million), Ralph has now become a millionaire by earning billions of dollars in business thanks Polo branded clothes.

Richard Branson


Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group of Companies. He dropped out of school while attending high school. Disease suffered dyslexia makes it never succeeded in academic affairs.

Since the age of 16 years, Richard started a business that originated from Student magazine. He also managed to open a record company in London.

Until now, he managed more than 300 companies engaged in the field of entertainment and telecommunications industries. Because of his efforts, Richard Branson successfully pocketed earnings of up to 4 billion dollars.

Steve Jobs


Billionaire this one was never graduated from college. But Steve Jobs admitted that his first calligraphy class while in college a basis when creating a Mac. Jobs only college for 6 months, and then he worked as a video game designer.

Starting from here, Steve Jobs and his friend Wozniak began assembling Apple computers. They do since 1976 in the garage of their home. Jobs left Apple in 1985 and returned to his business in 1997 up to the brand ‘Apple’ skyrocketed today.

Mark Zuckerberg


If you become a loyal user of Facebook, surely know this one guy. Is Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zockerberg on where he dropped out of college because it is busy developing its business and forget about college.

At a time when friends throughout her dorm room used for sleeping and have fun, one of the students of Harvard University is busy making the concept of social networks that made his name skyrocketed.

Create and develop thanks to the success of Facebook, Mark became one of the youngest billionaire in the world you know.

Larry Ellison


Larry Ellison is a billionaire for being the founder and CEO of Oracle, a company engaged in the field of computer technology. Wealth he has now reached 40 billion dollars.

Thanks to this fantastic amount of wealth, he managed to become the sixth richest person in the world and the third richest in the United States. Larry was born in the Bronx, a rough neighborhood in New York. He was born of a Jewish woman who was 19 years old when giving birth Larry.

Ellison was adopted by his uncle and aunt. Like most parents, they certainly are proud that their children are so excel in academics. Uncle and aunt finally tried send to school Larry Larry. Unfortunately, when her aunt died, Larry out of college due to drop out.

Having dropped out of college, in 1977, he teamed up with colleagues to form a software company that is now known as Oracle.

Bill Gates


You surely already familiar with the name of this one. Yes, Bill Gates. A man who became a millionaire thanks to his efforts to form a software for Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry System.

Narrated, Bill Gates became one of the students enrolled at Harvard in 1973. But not until obtaining a college degree, Bill Gates decided to drop out of college.

In 1975, he and his childhood friends started her business called Microsot Corporation. Shortly after that, in 1987, Bill Gates became a young billionaire degan wealth of more than 70 billion dollars! Wow.

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