People With Academic Title Most World

People With Academic Title Most World – The days of college is one of the most memorable period in addition to future sma. We are freer than sma but when assignments and exams come, therein lies the hell out of the lecture.

Some of the people who have said that the college got a title already we received his gratitude for the duration of the course.

But who would have thought in this world there are people whose hobby of collecting education degree. Imagine the long name if all of the titles entered into dipunya name. Here are a few people with an academic education in the world.

Welin Kusuma 27 Academic Title


A young man from Indonesia has many academic degree is Welin Kusuma, ST, SE, S. Sos, SH, Kom, SS, SAP, S.Stat, S.Akt, S.Ikom, MT, MSM, MKn, RFP- I, CPBD, CPPM, CFP, Aff.WM, BKP, QWP, CPHR, ICPM, AEPP, CBA, CMA, CPMA, CIBA. This young man from Napier successful completion of education and earn 27 academic degree programs from undergraduate, graduate to program special expertise.

This title is obtained at the age of 33 years. So how do I Welin earned almost the same time. If not because of the extreme hobby and diligent study is certainly very difficult to collect as many titles as it was at one time. How about you?

RK Rai 30 Academic Title


Rai is a retired professor living in Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh, 280 km from Lucknow India. During the 65 years of life that he collected more than 30 titles, among others, 22 master’s, PhD 5, and 3 D. Litts in various fields. However, now he has retired from his job as a lecturer. Ray confident, lifelong learning is the key to happiness in life.

Ashoka Prasad J. Jr. 19 Academic Title


Someone named Ashoka J. Prasad Jr. is the leader of the health sector in the country. he’s someone who Advancing the field of pediatrics and postpartum care for the people of India. He is also a lecturer at Columbia, U Penn, Harvard, Yale, and Cambridge.

Although as a lecturer in the field of health, he has 19 titles in various fields. Including the MA in anthropology from Cambridge, the MRC in psychiatry from the University of Edinburgh, as well as other degrees in geography, history, mathematics, medicine and aviation.

Hardial Singh Sainbhy 35 Academic Title


By bagging 35 degrees, Dr. Sainbhy is the title holder in the world with 35 titles. Students from India that have a degree from a variety of fields. He has 15 master’s degrees, five postgraduate diploma, and a law degree, certificate Amie and AMSIE, also a college degree.

Hardial Singh Sainbhy spend time in the lecture hall. He is determined to add the title for the body and brain is still able to undergo college.

Michael Nicholson 27 Academic Title


Michael Nicholson is a person who has 27 titles he collected since 1963, and he has no plan to quit. 67-year-old man avail discounts on tuition that he and his wife get as an employee at Western Michigan University.

Throughout his life, he has 27 different titles, including two associate degrees, 19 masters, 3 specialists and 1 PhD or doctorate. Nicholson confessed, does not pursue a degree to boost his career. but that he did because he likes to learn and study many areas.

It is remarkable man at the top. but no matter how much the title that has been obtained is appropriate that benefit others. Greetings success always

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