Origins and Mysteries of Existence Bird Moopoo

Origins and Mysteries of Existence Bird Moopoo – In the Minahasa, North Sulawesi province of Indonesia, there is a very famous bird. The bird is often located in the residential area residents.

However, it is said that behind the existence of the bird mopoo there is a story behind it and the local people believe it. Here’s her story.

In antiquity there is a small hut inhabited by a grandfather with her little grandson. The boys since childhood had been abandoned by his parents as a result of the accident that claimed the lives of both parents.

In addition as a result of the accident the boy also suffered disability in his legs to make it difficult to walk.


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Every day they always spend time together. When the grandfather went to farm then her little grandchild will help clean the house.

Each home farming and gathering firewood to the forest, the grandson of the man will ask his grandfather to tell how the situation existing animals in the forest because his legs are crippled because of the silence made only at home and only able to listen to the story of his grandfather. Such was the state of both families every day.

One day as usual after his grandfather farmed about to go into the forest to fetch firewood. However, when the grandson wanted to go with his grandparents to go to the forest.

Actually, the grandfather had forbidden her granddaughter to participate because the condition does not allow it to run away but the grandson force wanted to come because he wanted to see and meet the animals in the forest as it has been told by his grandfather.

See grandchildren who continue to whine, the grandfather could not bear to be felt until the grandfather to placate the grandchildren.

It’s time the two went forestry. Grandfather walking in front while collecting wood and the grandchildren followed the grandfather by walking behind him. The boy was stunned would be the state of the forest and also the sound of the birds that fly up to the end without realizing they are separated.

The old man does not realize that her grandchildren left behind in the woods and he wanted to go back to look for it but it was already very dark, the grandfather decided to look for it the next day with the residents. On the other hand grandchildren grandfather who lost the feeling of fear as he lost himself in the woods.

The next morning when the grandfather and the people want to go back to the forest they saw a bird that reads moopoo moppoo. The bird rarely found around the village and only perch in a tree near the house of his grandfather. The old man then took the bird and turned out to see that his feet hurt.

At that time, the grandfather believed that a bird perched near his home dipohon is an incarnation of his grandchildren and grandparents take care of the lame birds and bird named mopoo.

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