Myth about Origins of Earthquake of Ancient Belief

Myth about Origins of Earthquake of Ancient Belief – The earth shook and shook what we call earthquakes is the release of energy from the sudden that creates seismic waves.

Earthquakes typically caused by the movement of the Earth’s crust or plates. But the reality is not only caused by nature, earthquakes can also be caused by a meteor, the eruption, even a man-made such as a bomb blast.

Before the advance of science and technology will be the cause of this earthquake, some of the myths that are believed in the world is very different to what has been found by the experts about the cause of this earthquake. Here the myth of the origin of the earthquake that is believed in some countries.


Legend of Tortoises, Pigs, Cattle, And Snake of India

The ancient Indians believe that if the Earth is balanced by some animals. The animals are wild boar with tusks, the snake with seven heads, cow with horns, and 8 elephants standing on the shell of a turtle.

Well, the earthquake would happen if one or more animals had changed positions.

Loki of Scandinavian

Apparently, the story is not only evil Loki in The Avengers movie only. For the Scandinavian nation has a god of Norse legend, earthquakes often shake when Loki troublemakers.

It is said if Loki kill Balder, the god of beauty and light. As punishment, Loki locked up in a cave with a poisonous snake on her head that kept dripping with venom. When the poison was dripping on the face of Loki, the god will rebel and shook the Earth.

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Giant catfish tale, Namazu Japan

For the Japanese, the earthquake occurred due to the strong movement of Namazu, also known as the giant catfish. Giant catfish was sealed by Kashima (god of war) in the sludge layer below ground level, precisely disebuah stone. If the seal Kashima weakened, Namazu would revolt and cause devastating earthquake.

God Ruaumoko of New Zealand

Based on the mythology of the indigenous people of New Zealand, Maori, the planet named Papatuanuku. Papatuanuku itself is said to be pregnant with a god named ‘Ru’. The earthquake will occur when the baby is in the womb Papatuanuku god Ru moves, like kicking.

Earth Fever of Mozambique

No less unique than previous legends, Mozambique people have confidence when the Earth is the same as humans, as creatures of his life. Therefore, the Earth could be hurt. The earthquake itself ready to shake when the Earth’s fever. When he felt carefree and shaking, Earth was tippy.

Human sin of Romania

In the legend of Romanian nation, the Earth leans over some pillars made up of hope, trust, and charitable man. The third moment of human good deeds wane, automatically pillars will be weaker.

Well, what if there is a pillar cracked or broken, there was the shock that caused the earthquake in the earth.

Poseidon Raging of  Greece

Not many know, in addition to being the god of the seas, Poseidon was the god of earthquakes. Interestingly, Poseidon will make a quake when the mood is not good, aka bad mood.

Brother of Zeus that would then slammed his inheritance, trident, to the ground and timbulah Gemba Earth and tsunami.

Legend of pig deer of Indonesia

According to the story of the people of  Sulawesi, the earth is standing on a giant hog deer. Earthquakes will take place when the pig deer itch in his body and rub it into the palm tree.

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