Mystical Stories Behind Tsunami Tragedy

Mystical Stories Behind Tsunami Tragedy – In 2004, exactly on December 26, all-powerful natural disasters in Aceh that devastating earthquake of 9 on the Richter scale followed by a tsunami.

This incident resulted in more than 230,000 people died because of the devastating tsunami reached 30 meters of water added.

This tragedy steal the attention of many people across the country who participated also help victims-survivors in Aceh. Assistance in the form of endless material and moral given the whole country to the people of Aceh.

Behind this tragedy, there are many tales of mystery which makes us wonder truthfulness. Here are the stories of mystical place after Tsunami.

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Some mosques are not affected by the tsunami, while the surrounding buildings been hit by tsunami


There are several mosques in Aceh still standing around the building when finished no trace in the lunge tsunami.

Mosques including Baiturahman mosque, Masjid Kuede Teunom, Masjid Baiturrahim, Rahmatullah mosque, Masjid Al Ikhlas Lhonkga.

Saved by supernatural beings


This story is most oftensaid by tsunami survivors like rescued by a mysterious figure. There are recounted that when he wandered blindly in the water the tsunami, he was taken up by a figure of a giant snake that appears suddenly.

There is also a white-robed figure claimed rescued and taken to the top of a coconut tree. However, the figures are very mysterious comes from nowhere and goes suddenly alone.

reunited with her body


On the day after the tsunami, Banda Aceh died city and there was mud everywhere and bodies of tsunami victims. One day there was a man who survived the tsunami he was looking for someone who is his fiancee.

He was very tired looking looking corpse fiancee for days until a time when he decided to sit down in front of the mosque.

Soon, there was an officer who put the bodies of tsunami-affected women in addition to the man because of the many victims, courtyard of the mosque was used as a place to put the bodies while before the mass burial.

How shocked when he saw the corpse as moving his hands, and he thought she was still alive immediately opened a cloth over the corpse.

How shocked he see the woman’s hand there is the engagement ring he was with the woman he loves, and it turns out that the corpse was her fiance that he was looking for.

Still alive after they were tottering at sea for a week


This incident experienced by a child who was rescued by the volunteers when tottering at sea for one week. According to him, he managed to survive for 1 week for help by a figure in white robes who always gave bread to prop his stomach while he wandered blindly in the sea.

Though no one was living in the vicinity where the discovery of the child.

Miraculous events above can occur because of the power of God Almighty. Believe it or not it depends on yourself.

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