Mystery Painting The Hand Resist Him the Cursed

Mystery Painting The Hand Resist Him the Cursed – Painting is generally used by people as ornaments to beautify the walls of their homes. Painting is usually a picture of the beautiful landscape or object of interest.

But unlike a painting entitled The Hand Resist Him. The Hand Resist Him paintings drawn by Bill Stoneham in 1972.

The painting is drawing to a son -Eighteen with female doll figure as tall as he was standing beside. The doll  looks a bit mysterious and creepy.


What makes this painting looks creepy is the view behind the boys. Behind the boy there was a window that looks a lot of human hands but his face and body are not visible. In 1972 the painting was exhibited at Gallery Los Angeles for the first time.

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The painting depicts the figure of Bill Stoneham when she was 5 years old. The doll is a ghost who followed him wherever he went, and the doll is her imaginary friend play when he was small.

And the hands in the window is a magical door where those hands are the hands belong to people who are already dead but would like to enter the human world.

This story is a true story that happened myself. Bill Stoneham does have expertise in view of his small astral beings until he grew up.

And a few days after the exhibition, the painting was purchased by John Marley, who an ctor in Hollywood. But when John Marley died of painting was auctioned and eventually sold on eBay in 2000. The painting is by some people carry a curse.

Whoever saw her too long or insulting the painting he will experience the mystical events that resulted in one of the mysterious death.

The painting is currently been sold was purchased by the owner of the gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan at a price of $ 1.025.

This painting attracted many people to visit this gallery for curious form of paintings that supposedly he cursed. Until one day there was a painting critic who visited this gallery.

He is curious about this famous painting, made the criticism spiciness of the painting’s The Hand Resist Him. He said that this painting looks mediocre and its object is not clear. A few months after he mengrkritik painting The Hand Resist Him, he was found dead in mysterious circumstances.

Believe it or not against the painting depends on yourself. However, if the search for the logic, no inanimate objects that can kill a person. However, the subject of the painting is cursed or not it is still a question mark.

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