Mystery about Sand of Predators

Mystery about Sand of Predators – Sand of Predator is the most uniquemechanism  in the universe, it maybe there or buried in the banks of the river or even in the backyard surrounding.

This sand will certainly be quietly waiting people approaching and then make someone became trouble to forward or backward.

But, most of people would often never found sand of predators, especially if see people stuck in the sand of predatorsor experience it for yourself.

During this, impression of people about living sand only based on various films ever seen. The view or situation created in the films depicts that living sand is a scourge that is able to suck human into hole without bottom.


How to escape from trap of living sand

Actually, most of living sand or sand-sucking is not much different from the sand in general, not creepy such as that depicted in the film.

While principally, living sand is only the sand that had been infused water, a result of prictional forces between grains of sand on the wane, resulting into a mixture of water and sand after a liquid which is very difficult to support. The Living sand usually can found in beach areas.

How to escape from the living sands would remain, namely with moving slowly of the victim foot were trapped. This is done so that the sand and water will maximum to seep into the area   vacuum.

So that it will be able to reduce the pressure on the victim’s body, and also making sand to loose slowly.

In addition, the victim would have to keep trying to all part of the body to separate, because if the surface area of sands had been touched by  big body will make buoyancy gainaed greater casualties.

The key of the victim should have extra patience to do movements are quite relaxed and calm. Then slowly certainly will be free of the sand trap or a sand of predator.

While if the victim is pulled forcibly from the sand it will cause her organs be cut off swallowed sand.

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