Mummy Has Age 400 Year as a talisman to repel Witch Found in Wall House

Mummy Has Age 400 Year as a talisman to repel Witch Found in Wall House – If in Egypt the past emperors or kings will be preserved in the form of mummies, so that do not wrong because in one of the region but cat will be preserved in this form.

It is because there is a belief that the mummy of a cat is very effective to repel witches. This is experessed by Richard Parson, funeral director of the company revealed when he was renovating the home he had found a mummy of cat in one part of the wall, it is certainly very astonishing.


Moreover the mummy in a state that is stiil intact and also has age somewhat already very old, the size is very large if compared with the cats in general, it is also expressed by a neighbor who calimed to have discovered the mummies around 20 year ago, and found again today.

Based on the study that mummies have age 400 year old, old enough with circumstances that are still very much intact, maybe on some parts of it inedible era. Then Parson decided to bury because he is afraid if the mummy will haunt their families.

The area is inhabited by the families indeed found plenty of animals were preserved in the form of mummies, this is because mummy of the cat believed very effective to repel evil witch at that time, but because people today do not believe in superstitions so much to bury it. Maybe it is also true in several other areas.

Marion Gibson is a magician expert ancient legend that came from University Exeter has also said that a cat cage when placed on the wall and used as a talisman of luck then it is very effective to repel the witches, but it is also very useful to repel the threat of evil and bad luck man,

It this also might make the local people in the old days so trust it and make bodies of cats as a mummy to dispose of bad luck in their homes, regardless of whether or not it is still a lot that can hardly believe it.

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