Men’s Still Life And Bobbing in the Sea During the 438 days

Men’s Still Life And Bobbing in the Sea During the 438 days – In 2013, the world is shocked by the story of someone who survived after bobbing in the Pacific Ocean for 438 days.

This man named Joe Salvador Alvarenga 37-year-old who is a fisherman came from Mesiko. Alvarenga who came from El Salvador, went to Mesiko in 2012 to hunt sharks with his friend named Ezekiel.

But the middle of his journey, board the ship hit by a storm and sank. Alvarenga and Ezekiel survived the storm. During bobbing in the sea, Alvarenga and Ezekiel eat the fish in the sea where the fish they catch with their own hands.


In addition, they drank rain water, turtle blood and urine on their own to survive.

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But a month after fighting together floating in the sea, Ezekiel was die because his stomach could not stand the raw food that he ate.

Ezekiel was commanded to Alvarenga, if  he dead, please don’t eat his carrion, but take his body to his family. However, due to circumstances that do not allow, after a few days the bodies maintain Ezekiel in the ocean, Alvarenga remove the bodies of Ezekiel to the seabed.

Alvarenga very sad because of the loss of his friend, he had wanted to give up however, the motivation to reunite with his family and the family of Ezekiel who made him not give up.

After a year he tossed around at sea, he managed to swim to a land named  Ebon. It was there that he was saved  by a rescue team. Behind this story, not a few people who doubt he’s the dramatic story.

It does not make sense if it can last for more than 1 year at sea, plus body posture Alvarenga who looks fat where it should be if he vacillated dilautan can not eat normal food, surely the body will be thin.

According to the Director of the Institute of Art Service Survival, Nick Vroomans that Alvarenga story that can survive for more than a year at sea it was very reasonable.

This could occur due to environmental factors around the Pacific Ocean that many marine animals and water content of fresh rain.

In addition, thanks to the blood of turtles, Alvarenga can survive for turtle blood contains many proteins that are good for health.

In addition, according to the art of survival experts declared  that a state of psychological Alvarenga that can make survivors more than a year even though he wandered blindly in the Pacific Ocean. They said, if someone is thinking of not giving the greater the chances for survival under any circumstances.

When found by the rescue team, the state of stable Alvarenga but he is dehydrated and pain because eventually in sea water. Up to now the situation is either returned to normal as usual.

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