Men’s Given Jail Over 359 Years for His conduct

Men’s Given Jail Over 359 Years for His conduct – Crimes in the United States is not a strange thing. Almost every day a crime occurs robbery, murder, rape and others in the United States.

However, in 2013 cases of crime which could make a scene Americans and stealing the attention from various countries.

How not, the perpetrators named Jerry Active 26-year-old was found guilty of murder and rape. The cruel actions committed by men who came from Alaska to a pair grandparents and grandchildren as young as 2 years old.


The crime occurred in May 2013 at home victims are in Anchorge. Jerry Active commit robbery and decided to kill his victims with sadistic.

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Before the killing, rape beforehand Jerry Active toddlers aged 2 years until the toddlers were killed. After that, Jerry Actuve kill a couple of grandparents who are grandparents of the baby.

Can not understand why Jerry Active until the heart to rape toddlers aged 2 that year. Americans who heard these evil deeds are furious against Jerry Active and demanded that the police gave the death penalty to Jerry Active.

By Jerry Activer heinous act, police sentenced to 359 years in prison Jerry Active after being convicted for murder and the rape of a couple of grandparents and grandchildren that the 2 year old.

It turned out that this case is not the first time that Jerry Active do. Previously, he was never found guilty also for raping several minors and also for robbery.

Not only that, he had been arrested for raping a 90-year-old grandmother who has now died. Active Jerry allegedly suffered severe mental disorder which can lead to deviant sexual behavior once.

Americans even citizens of other countries were furious against Jerry Active depraved acts that have killed even raped the boy and grandmother were helpless.

He actually had a couple of times and out of jail and punished is not a moment in time, but it does not make him give up to stop doing the same thing, even though he kept repeating it did not give the rigors of life in prison.

However, for his last action this time, Jerry Active was sentenced to a very heavy which is 359 years detained in prison, which meant she spent her age behind bars.

This punishment is given by the police who were charged with 10 counts to Jerry Active. But not all parties agreed with the decision of the police because those who disagree argue better Active Jerry sentenced to death for the cruel act.

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