Location The Most Amazing and Beautiful On Earth this

Location The Most Amazing and Beautiful On Earth this – Lots of this earth amazingly awesome place that we believe will be the greatness of God. Maybe some never explore a few places in the world that not everyone is able to explore it.

But besides the usual state for a visit for a vacation, that in this world there are also some views of the earth that will make you stunned because of the location or the place is very different from the others. Here’s the location of the most amazing places on earth.

Meteor Crater USA

Meteor Crater is a crater formed by a meteorite fall terletaak about 43 miles (69 km) east of Flagstaff, near Winslow in the northern Arizona desert of the United States.

This place is called Meteor Crater because it is close to the post office name. This meteor craters formed since 50,000 years ago in the Pleistocene era when the local climate and cool.


At that time there was a vast prairie and forests inhabited by woolly mammoths, giant mashed lemurs, and camels. This area has not been in human habitation. Meteor that fell that contain nickel and create a crater of 50 meters.

Socotra Republic of Yemen


Socotra is one of the strange and unique place in the world. All that is in Socotra seem strange, ranging from a tree and its environment, do not be surprised if many are calling Socotra is one of the alien nest in the world. It’s very isolated, other dry climate of the region to another.

This anomaly can cause plant life or whatever there is growing strangely. Known plants such as Dragon’s Blood Tree strange, very unusual shape, it looks like paying. This tree produces red sap.

There is also no animals native to the area, such as birds, spiders and other native animals. there are also rocks, whose shape is not common and only on the island of Socotra. With all this weirdness, do not be surprised if Socotra, the island in the Arabian sea, included in the UNESCO World Heritage is amazing.

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Antarctic Iceberg B-15

Iceberg B-15 was the largest iceberg has been recorded in history. The extent of approximately 3,100 km, making it larger than the island of Jamaica. Iceberg is due to the fault Ross Ice Shelf in March 2000. in 2003, the iceberg B-15 back are broken into several parts, the biggest one so-called B-15a drift northward, eventually disintegrate into a glacier in 2005 and the remaining fault with a length of 8 km. This makes a big change in the map of Antarctica and demanded to be revised again.

In 2006, hurricanes in Alaska, causing sea waves that pass up to 13,500 km for 6 days to Antarctica, and separating fragments of the rest become more and more. Parts of the iceberg was still not entirely liquid, the biggest part is still considered a B-15a, with an area of ​​1,700 Km.

Guaira Falls Brazil Paraguay Border


Most people think of Niagara Falls is the largest waterfall in the world. Whereas Guaira Falls the largest in the world with a waterfall volume reached an average of 1.75 million cubic feet per-second.

Compare with the Niagara Falls which is only 70,000 cubic feet per-second. Source Guaira Falls located on the Brazil-Paraguay border, is the Parana river.

Around the year 1982, at the waterfall Guaira built a dam for power generation now where the Itaipu Dam dam which is now the world’s second largest electricity producer after Gorges Dam. Itaipu Dam can supply electricity to Paraguay 90 percent, and 19 percent to Brazil, as well as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Don Juan Pond Antarctica


There is a place to ask which is the most high salt content? Surely people will answer the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is famous in the world for a very high salt content. Based on several studies, the sea water of high salt content ibisa becomes health therapy.

No wonder that around the Dead Sea built many spas to therapy, particularly health and beauty therapies. But it turns out that the Dead Sea is not terasin in the world. Precisely in the Antarctic, which is Don Juan Pond, a lake with the highest salt content in the world.

The comparison with the sea in general, Don Juan Pond 18 times saltier than regular sea water, when compared to the Dead Sea, Don Juan Pond 8 times saltier.

This location is found by Lt Don Roe and Lt John Hickey, 1961, when both are doing research in Antarctica. The name of Don Juan Pond is also given by two researchers of this army, possibly merging the two names.

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