Loa loa filariasis worm Living In The Eyes

Loa loa filariasis worm Living In The Eyes¬†– The worms normally live in the human digestive, it has become a fact known by the public. But what if your eyes “worms”? The world was shocked by a man from India who had a 13 cm worm in his eye.

The worm named Loa loa filariasis. This worm infects the human eye. Dr. Thomas Ashley Mulamoottil, doctors in India have done seven times the operation of this disease. In fact, he claimed to have found a worm along 20 cm on the patient’s eyes.

Deployment Loa loa filariasis

Loa loa worm originally found in Africa and has now reached Asia. Flies mangrove believed to be carrying this worm. Flies spread the worm eggs through small cuts in the human body.

“The death of the worms in the body can be fatal because it can contaminate the blood. This disease is known as microfilariasis or Loa loa infestation (Loiasis) “, said Dr. Mulamoottil reported Boldsky (24/4).


Disease treatment

Patients can do chemotherapy or removal of the worm to perform surgery on the eye. These worms are yellowish. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine yet developed for Loa loa filariasis. However, if detected in time not too long can be cured. If the worms are not removed, could he headed into the layers of the eye and make be lost vision.

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