List of the most haunted graveyard In United States

List of the most haunted graveyard In United States – When talking about the United States certainly that immediately comes in our heads is Hollywood, President Obama, and others.

But who would have thought this superpower also keeps the stories of mystical. One of the places that became much talk of United States citizens will be mystical things are grave.

Unlike in Indonesia, the cemetery in the United States does look quite beautiful and well maintained and does not pose a sinister shades, but there are many lovers of the mystical and the ghost hunters travel in the United States who often come to a number of feeds that are known to be haunted.

Here’s a list of 5 of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States:

Funeral St.Louis 1, New Orleans


Funeral St.Louis 1 in New Orleans is the most famous cemetery in the city. This is because a lot of visitors who claimed to see the ghost sightings at this place. Not only that, it is actually the main attraction of this cemetery is the tomb of Marie Laveau.

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Marie Laveau is a New Orleans voodoo queen. The ghost of Marie Laveau is often seen strolling around the cemetery. Tomb of Marie Laveau is also believed to be entreated visitors by writing the X mark three times in his grave. In addition, the ghost is often seen at the funeral of a victim of war and jaundice was buried in this place.

Resurrection Catholic Cemetery, Chicago


Ghosts famous cemetery is believed terleta in Chicago named Mary, who is a Polish national police in 1930. The locals call it the Resurrection Mary.

Story circulated that Mary died in a car accident that happened when he drove home from a dance at the O’Henry Ballroom. According to local residents, as Mary always seen roaming using old-fashioned dress. Mary was not just wander around the cemetery, but also outside the cemetery fence.

If driving around the cemetery and there was a woman who wanted a ride to the cemetery, it could be a Mary. Mary usually disappears in darkness after stepping inside the cemetery or even disappear after getting into the car.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Chicago


Although many Hollywood celebrities are buried in this place, but this cemetery is also known very haunted. It is said that the ghost of many celebrities who reveal themselves and this does not only happen at night but also during the day.

There is a rumor circulating about this cemetery. Before the jokes actor Rudolph Valentino died, he had a habit of visiting the hospital and play with the children. He also never give encouragement to a little girl who will be operated and this girl survived the operation.

When Rudolph Valentino died, the little girl promised to visit her grave every year and put a red rose on the top of the tombstone. The girl always kept his word until the end.

And after death, his ghost had come to continue this tradition. This girl ghost became known as The Lady in Black and trustworthy is often seen alongside Rudolph Valentino ghosts in the cemetery.

Boothill Cemetery, Arizona


Cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona is referred to as the embodiment of the ghost town. This city is perfect for lovers of the mystical and the ghost hunters as many ghosts cowboys roaming in Boothill cemetery cemetry.

Is the famous story of the ghost of the Clanton gang who often wander in the cemetery. Once it was a fight between the cowboys at the OK Corral with Clantons, The Earps and Doc Holiday. Then three Clanton gang members were killed in the battle that lasted for 30 seconds.

They were later buried in this cemetery along with gamblers, smugglers and other lawbreakers. The ghost is said to still hoping to get revenge for their deaths.

Gettysburg Cemetery, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


This cemetery are eating from the thousands of victims of civil war as the firefight disebutk deadliest in United States history. Ghost who frequently appears in this cemetery is a man who uses a black hat with a star symbol.

This gentleman ghost reportedly often try to communicate with the tomb. The visitors claimed to have experienced events met with a man who helped get photos and even took a picture together. But moments later he disappeared somewhere.

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