Indonesian boy bravery thwarted Crime

Indonesian boy bravery thwarted Crime – Superhero action or so-called heroic also occurred in Indonesia, should we praise the courage of Indonesian boy boy in courage could thwart crime. Here heroic Indonesia brave boy.

Rizki is a boy abort theft (10)

Other superhero kid named Rizki (10). He managed to thwart theft at his home in the village of Suka Bandung, District of South Kaur, about a few months ago.

At that time a new Rizki home from school at SDN 01 South Kaur. While both parents are still working. Arriving home, Rizki surprised to see a few foreigners inside.

The perpetrators were also surprised by the arrival of Rizki directly to holding the boy’s mouth with cloth gloves and his hands tied. Funnily enough, the actors did not bind feet Rizki. Such conditions Rizki used to escape through the back door and call for help.


He deliberately yelling in front of his house to invite the attention of citizens. Hearing the cries of the victim, the perpetrator disekapnya surprised that victims can escape to the outdoors.

Hear the cry Rizki, the perpetrator fled. Residents came and calmed the panic Rizki. Suspected robber left glove and flip-flops knows the ins and outs of the house belonging to the local authorities.

Arya Dilla Prawinsyah is a boy abort the robbery (10)


Arya age of only 10 years. He was in the second grade one of primary school in Medan, North Sumatra. On Monday, he almost became a victim of robbery. Fortunately action was foiled, not by others but of courage Arya against two burglars were after him.

Arya courage story began when he was passing on the Road M Idris, Sei Putih Timur, Medan Petisah Medan. At that time, he was riding a motorcycle Honda Scoopy white light blue BK 2927 ACE belongs to his brother.

On arriving at the front of the Gang Madrasah, the vehicle is stopped two men walking. The two men later identified as Ferdi Armen Tampubolon, Pringgan citizens, and the Ruben Hutajulu, residents of Helvetia. Once stopped, Ruben mouth clamped Arya.

Boy grade 2 SD Hang Tuah II, road of  Titi boards, is then pushed falling off his motorbike. Ferdi took over the helm of motorcycles brought Arya. Ruben was swiftly seated on the pillion. They then drove.

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But, Arya did not simply hand over his motorbike. When the two actors tried to leave, he was chasing and holding an iron that is behind the vehicle. The boy was to be dragged down. The boy continued to pursue. A few dozen meters from the location of the perpetrator deprivation slows down, as it crossed the bumps. Arya also took a stone and threw it. Ruben’s head was struck. Motorcycle spoils it was shaky.

After the second fall, residents around the location that saw the incident immediately to help Arya and catch the perpetrators. Once beaten, Ferdi and Ruben was submitted to the New Terrain Polsekta officers arrived at the scene.

Ayu is a child abort the robbery (7)

This time is a little crush crime Meina Ayu Fitriyani (7). He managed to thwart a robbery at Jalan Strong Earth Tile Store Dr Cipto Mangunkusumo, Tegal.

Events daylight robbery that occurred at around 12:00 pm. At that time the atmosphere was quiet because local residents and a number of shop assistants were performing Friday prayers. Suddenly store guarded with his grandmother Ayu arrival of a man who looks to buy tile. The man also had a chance to bid.

But before going on the price agreement, the burly grown man smothered and throttled grandmother Ayu. Moreover, the perpetrators also held a knife folding length of 10 cm. Seeing her grandmother life safety is threatened, Ayu blurred through one door of the store and ran out. Subsequently, he was screaming for help to passersby.

Knowing this, the perpetrator fled without time to bring the spoils. Meanwhile, both residents and people who heard the shouts Meina immediately came to the scene.

They then pursue the perpetrators, which eventually can be caught 200 meters away from the scene. Mass annoyed eventually beat offender battered. The anger can be muted after Sumurpanggang police officers arrived at the scene and securing the offender.

3 boys junior abort rape


Ilham Maulana and Muhammad Abdul Aziz are MTs students of Fathan Mubina Ciawi, and Abdurrahman are students of SMP Negeri 3 Ciawi, West Java. The three against a motorcycle taxi driver caught raping their fellow students. One school student, Abdul Aziz admitted spontaneous attempts to stop rape offenders. “Spontaneous hell wrote, just want to help a friend,” he said.

Three teenagers who are still attending junior and middle grade 2 is finally rescued. Sexual misconduct had failed because of three male friends victim heard the victim screaming for help.

Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) even named two student MTs and 1 junior was as a fighter child protection.

According to Director of Madrasah Education Dedi Djubaedi, spontaneous action Abdul Aziz and the two men showed how character education, this time is very important. Concern for others, it has been shown three teens, where they boldly against perpetrators of crimes against their student friends. As a result, perpetrators of rape was today successfully arrested by the police.

“Spontaneous action that emerged from the subconscious. Subconscious behavior which reflected it is a clear form how the characters shown character and become their personality.

That is the result of moral education, “said Smith who called the action is very rarely encountered by many of today’s teens in the middle of an individualistic culture and urban hedonism. Action to three students is cash only praise and awards from many parties.

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