I believe the Japanese Era Forced Labor

I believe the Japanese Era Forced Labor – This heartbreaking tragedy should be a lesson for all of us, for our nation, the Indonesian nation must be smarter and more advanced than other nations so that the incidence of forced labor Japanese era like this do not happen in the history of our nation again.

In the history of colonialism, Japan was the first country in Asia to have the views and actions of colonialism. Japanese colonialism colonialism did eventually become very short.

Japanese colonialism was not comparable when juxtaposed with nation European colonialism on Asia, Africa and America in the history of the 15th century until the 20th.

Admittedly, Japan shocked Europe, transformed into capital-militaristic force fuss Europe and America. The operation of Japanese colonialism prepared by Tanaka architect of modern warfare has also become Japan’s prime minister from 1927 to 1929 period. Thoughts mind ditungakannya into Memorandum Tanaka Tanaka.

This memorandum contains the Japanese plan to carry the sacred duty to lead the nations of East Asia. This view ultimately manifest into a doctrine named Hakko I Chiu; world in one family under the leadership of Japan.


Inspired by this spirit, transformed Japan into a military power are highly respected. In the history of World War 2, the Japanese military capabilities in a while able to destroy an ally, and in sekepap dominate Southeast Asia and parts of the Pacific.

Japan’s dominance finally ended tragically, in a single day on August 9, 1945 B 29 bombers of the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki city. This is the momentum of the defeat of Japan, and so does its dominance in East Asia and parts of the Pacific.

The entry of Japan to Indonesia, was initially welcomed by the freedom fighters of that time. Japan is regarded as a brother, a fellow Asian who helped repel the Dutch Colonial. However, shortly after the Japanese landed in the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia-today), it was Japan do no less cunning and ruthlessly.

Japan seeks to remove the western cultural influences that have settled in the Netherlands Hindi, and the two Japanese dredge source of natural resources strategy that is in our homeland. Supply sources are used to fund the mini-style Japanese war with the Allies in East Asia and the Pacific.

The extent of the Japanese occupation area make Japan requires a workforce that is so great. The manpower needed to build fortifications, emergency airfields, underground warehouses, highways and bridges. Labor force is taken from a fairly dense population of Java.

The forced labor which is popular called Romusa premises. Networking romusha Japanese soldiers to run down to the villages. In this book records, there are at least 300,000 workers romusha sent to various countries in Southeast Asia, 70,000 of them in miserable conditions da ends with death.

The romusa also involving women. They persuaded cooed at enticing lure to get a job, but they were brought to the camp closed camps to be used as prostitutes (comfort women).

Romusa also involves tokoth movement leaders that time. They were forced by the Japanese to be the forced labor force. Among the romusa derived from movement leaders are Soekarno and Otto Iskandardinata. They both dipaksan Japanese occupation forces to make an emergency airfield.

Japan recruit prospective candidates romusa, pattern levels, as well as the allocation of labor paksaini. Base explanation see romusa practices and projects and projects in mountain madur around Banten.

But at the same time, Japan was able to manipulate this romusa presence on the international scene. To disguise the presence romusa, Japan memperhasul romusa the term “economy workers” or hero worker.

In mid 1943, the romusa increasingly exploited by Japan. Because of Japan’s defeat in the Pacific War, Romusa romusa is used as a self-sufficient power to support the war directly. Because every Japanese army forced labor require workers to streamline the cost of the war Japan. In this situation, the demand for increasingly unbridled romusa.

If we look at his numbers, romusa project in Indonesia running within two years. Not a short time to produce suffering and death as expressed in the above data. It was only in 1945, the Dutch East Indies became Indonesia’s independence, as well as an end to the project and the dream of Japanese colonization.

Romusha is calling for the Indonesian people employed by force during the Japanese occupation of Indonesia from 1942 to 1945. Most romusha are farmers, and since October 1943 the Japanese oblige farmers become romusha. The number of people who become romusha not known for sure-existing estimates range from 4-10 million.

These photos are photo discovery of human bones as a result of violence and forced labor abomination Romusha found on the new road to the airport SSK II, District Marpoyan Damai.

How sad we see the people of Indonesia in the colonial era to be a labor like that there are up to skinny, some are old still wrote forced to work, even the pregnant woman was also forced to work.

Be thankful we were alive today, has been free from colonial times. And do not forget respect of services our heroes who has delivered us from the colonial period and the fight for the independence of our country.

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