How to Greet Most Unique And Weird

How to Greet Most Unique And Weird – Greetings is the way we interact with people we know and also to people who do not know. Greetings way we usually do and say hi or hello by shaking hands.

However there are some places in this world that do different or unusual way. May be said to be unique and there may be meaning .. Here’s how to greet the most bizarre in the world:

Tongue sticking Respect Tibetans

Stuck out his tongue to others would invite trouble for insulting, but not if you are in Tibet. There to channel the tongue is seen as being polite, as well as welcome customs and traditions that have lasted for generations.

This story starts from a cruel Tibetan king called Lang Darma who has a black tongue. Tibetans believe that this king will be reincarnated in the future.


Therefore, they greet each other with their tongues sticking out, to prove that they are not the evil king who reincarnated. This tradition continued for centuries, but now stuck out his tongue just as a traditional welcome.

Hand clapping How Greet In Zimbabwe


Distinct with the transition that is Zimbabwe. Movement in the night is a tradition of greeting applause. Men will clap their hands as a sign of greeting hello and goodbye to the woman with the flat of their hands. Quick pat could also mean greeting thank you.

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Respect Greeting Hongi New Zealand


in contrast to the style of greeting in New Zealand Maori inspired by tradition. Style greeting that they use so-called Hongi. Hongi is a very popular style of greeting in daily life and in traditional ceremonies.

Way of greeting almost similar to the one in Alaska, the two men face each other, and then touching your nose pressed simultaneously. This makes them believe that when making Hongi, means that the two are mutually exchanging ha, or breath of life.

If you’ve done this Hongi for the first time, then we will increase the status of manuhiri (guest) to the tangata whenua (the residents). The unique of this tribe, if we have become citizens, it means we are required to follow all activities in the area ..

Bow Yours In Japan


Bowing etiquette is one of the world-famous greeting. In Japan, bowing is the thing to do when you meet a colleague or an older person.

How to bend in Japan usually by leaning forward with your back straight and your hands are at your sides (for men) while both hands hold of each other in front of the body (for women).

When bending the eyes of the penyapa will close. The longer and lower body bent indicate emotional relationships and a deeper respect. Practice greeting by bowing is also done in Korea.

Yours Greetings Kunik Inuits


Sapa most famous style comes from Alaska. In Alaska tradition of greeting known as the ‘Eskimo Kissing’. Style greet people who live in East Siberia and Alaska are taken from tribal traditions Inult called Kunik.

How to do this by swiping each tip of the nose with the other person or people he meets. The philosophy of Kunik is a form of expression of affection among family members or loved ones.

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