How to Diet Causing Death Dangerous

How to Diet Causing Death Dangerous –¬†Everyone in the world would want to look healthy, fit and have a proportionate yag body. In everyday life, in this kehidpan a lot of people who want a nice terliat body by means of diet.

However, few of these people choose how improper diet which aims to accelerate weight loss, causing damage to the body as some of the news we know some time, someone on a diet until his death. It is tragic. Here I summarize some of the diet is dangerous and can cause death.

Drinking Slimming Drugs

Slimming drug distribution case of the ambassador knives, have positive and negative effects. Positively, the public can have a lot of options of slimming drugs that can help achieve the ideal body shape.

However the downside, some slimming products proved to have harmful effects to our bodies. The harmful effects of taking slimming drugs due slimming drug content.


Some content slimming drugs can cause side effects that can harm health. Here are some dangers and side effects of slimming drugs, namely: The metabolism of the body that are not controlled If the drug use stops, then the effect is back to being fat (That said dependence), intake of nutrients the body that are not maintained, Speeding up the heart rate, dizziness and headache, nausea and vomiting, can cause allergies, constipation and constipation, insomnia, inflicting seizures, can lead to hypertension, joint pain, abdominal cramps, and could have ended in death. brighten instead ..

The Cotton Ball Diet


The Cotton Ball Diet is one that is very concerned about how diet intake of foods that will be accepted by the body. However, some people choose an extreme way to go on a diet that can reliably withstand hungry that delay or do not get fat. This diet is called The Cotton Ball Diet. Maybe some of you know the purpose of this diet when seen from the name.

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This diet advise someone not to consume any food, such a person should eat cotton or cotton to starve. Cotton consumed by this will surely make someone will not be fat because cotton does not contain anything.

Someone who does this diet believe that a ball of cotton has high fiber content and low in calories, but few studies reveal that the harmful effects of the diet is the cotton ball can clog the digestive system. This makes this diet method deadly because there will be no nutrients are digested so that over time the body will experience malnutrition and cause death regularly.

TapeWorm Diet


Hearing his name this diet may already make us shudder and frightening. The theory is by consuming a pill containing worm eggs, effectively indeed, but the question is whether Secure? I took a few excerpts from various sources to explain the dangers of this tapeworm diet. Had this diet popular in 1999 but was later banned because it was considered a dangerous diet, but diet tapeworms started back popular lately.

The principle works that incorporate the worm eggs that hatch in the intestine and feed on the nutrients needed by the body is able to help the diet, but it is more risks than benefits from this diet method. Besides being able to cause disorders and diseases such as the pancreas, it turns out this diet can also cause death.

Slim body obtained will not last long, because this diet method does not change eating habits. At the time it reaches the desired body size, diet people should take medicine to kill all the worms inside the body, and after that usually their body weight will come back up again.

Prolinn Diet


A doctor named Roger Linn create “Prolinn”, which is a supplement that taste of horns and hooves of animals. These supplements are sold in the form of drinks, provides 400 calories and no nutritional value.

Prolinn diet requires that the perpetrator did not eat anything, but only consume water with a number of body parts of animals as part of horns and hooves. Around the 70s about 2 million people who practice this diet suffered a heart attack.

Have an ideal body is indeed the desire of almost everyone, but to get them to work hard. If you want to do with a healthy diet without doing anything strange or consume something that is harmful to our bodies. Love your body.

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