Hollywood actresses these Gay Turns One!

Hollywood actresses these Gay Turns One! – Male artists in Hollywood definitely has fans very much and admired by many people.

Handsome figure and a great body makes some people who admire them even more in love with them and hope to become their lover.

But have you ever thought behind the good looks and beauty of their bodies were much admired by those artists turned out this man is gay kind? Who are they? Here is a Hollywood actresses who admitted he was gay.

Chris Colfer


An actor who is famous for her role as Kurt in Drama Musical, Glee never admit to the public that he is gay sex. Parents Chris Colfer was already knows that her son is same-sex enthusiasts.

In his role as Kurt on Glee, Chris played the same character as himself that same-sex enthusiasts so it was not difficult for him to play the role of a gay.

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Ricky Martin


The singer famous in the 1990s never declared to the public through his personal blog that he is gay sex. Ricky was not at all embarrassed to admit that he was gay.

Suspicion public to Ricky Martin who is a same-sex enthusiasts actually has lasted long because of the first Ricky Martin does not seem to have a female lover in her life.

Adam Lambert


Singer known thanks to follow a talent show in the United States have been admitted to the public in 2009 that he was gay.

In fact he never liked his rival in the talent show, Kris Allen. Adam Lambert even aspire to have a lover like Kris Allen, but unfortunately Kris Allen is a normal man who is already married.

Zachary Quinto


Famous actor in Star Trek movie is highly admired by many women because of his good looks and charismatic. But who thought that Zachary is a same-sex enthusiasts. He told the paparazzi that he had long felt himself like a man.

Lance Bass


Former personnel NSync have been admitted to the public in 2006 that he is gay sex. He was active in social activities and the activities of the defense of same-sex enthusiasts in the United States.

Wentworth Miller


Actor best known for his appearance in prision Break Series has a handsome face and body cool. But who thought that in 2013 he had to admit to the public that he was gay.

He finally admitted that he was a gay kind because he saw many gays are bullied and oppressed by other normal people. Wentworth Miller was active in defending the rights of gay people in the United States.

Although it has been claimed as a gay man, but did not make them to establish same-sex marriage, for certain considerations.

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