Giacomo Casanova is the adventurer of True Love

Giacomo Casanova is the adventurer of True Love – The man who spent his life happily happy in English called Playboy and in Indonesia is more petulant said to the man who likes to mutually exchange partner.

Perhaps in this world is the designation of man most playboy Don Juan, but this guy is a work of fiction in a movie, not in the real world.

Nickname womanizer or a skirt chaser will be pinned on those who take action to change partners. In the real world, it is never a man like that.

Maybe some of you already know the greatness of the name of a womanizer Giacomo Casanova and more synonymous with superhuman playboy. Here we pendekan adventurer Giacomo Casanova tale of love

Giacomo Casanova (1725-1798) is one of the legendary figures of the 18th century. The man who came from Venice and died in Dux, Bohemia (Duchov, Czech Republic) has a very colorful life.

He is known as a writer, translator, adventurer, soldier, freethinker, players bioa, city lottery and spies. Moreover, Casanova also known as a gambler and a connoisseur of food and beverages.


However, her most famous and remembered throughout history is a love life that he wrote at the end of his life. Through his writings, it is known that in the span of 32 years of his life, he has 116 romance. Casanova wrote all his life story with the original title Histoire de ma vie, a memoir as thick as 3,600 handwritten pages in French.

Love Story of Casanova

In this book, published four romance Casanova considered the most attractive and gives a distinct impression. The first is romance with Henriette, a mysterious woman who ran away from her husband and in-laws.

Henriette touted as the woman most loved by Casanova in depth. Casanova and Henriette making love for three months in the Parma area. The love story ends when Henriette met one of her family and returned to its original place leaving Casanova heartbroken.

Then Henriette sent a letter to Casanova who says that he loves Casanova but could not get back into his arms. He will not marry during his lifetime, but ask Casnova to re-fall in love and find happiness.

The second love story presented in this book is the story between Casanova with the Fraulein, single women, under the reign of a queen in Vienna makes very strict regulations regarding attitudes and male-female relationships. Because of its proximity to the nobles, Casanova can do adventure in love with Fraulein more freely.

The next story tells Casanova affair with a nun called MM. This forbidden love affair with a passionate underway. Although at the same time, Casanova in a relationship with a young girl named Caterina Capretta.

Relationship with MM make Casanova curious because MM had had a lover who was very “kind” that allow MM to remain “an affair” with Casanova. Even the lover MM provide, security and convenience to Casanova and MM. Later Canasova know that the MM lover is one of the nobles and officials in the area.

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The last woman in the book is told in a relationship with Casanova Casanova committed fraud when terhada an elderly woman who believes that Casanova was a “wizard” that makes it reborn as a man by sacrificing part of his property.

Marcolina, women who are in a relationship with Casanova, Casanova assist in the fraudulent action. So Casanova can take a lot of precious stones given the old woman for ritual purposes.

All Starts From a Bad Relationship with Mother

Written in his biography how he managed to seduce and sleep with at least 132 women and 1 man nun. Not only that, he also managed to establish a relationship with the women regarded as Donna Lucrezia.

All of this began when his mother, Zanetta Casanova to leave his first son, Giacomo Casanova. His mother who was a famous actress traveled to various places in Europe and has a lover from Venice to London. With an unhealthy relationship between he and his mother, Giacomo Casanova then grew into a man who is always an adventure with love.

Affair Makes name skyrocketed For A Playboy

Relationship with Donna Lucrezia began in a train to Rome. Told how Casanova slipped into the room along with Donna Lucrezia and Donna’s sister who is still unmarried.

Crazy relationship together with Donna and her sister is then made into a legend. Henriette is the greatest love Cassanova, but it also makes it a broken heart playboy.

Henriette is perfect figure who always sought Cassanova; beautiful, intelligent, aristocratic, and do not want commitment. But in the end Henriette left the Casanova who still love Henriette although it could not have it.

Furthermore, there is also Leonilda, a girl of Casanova’s own relationship with Donna Lucrezia who grew up as a child of the family legitimate Lucrezia.

Imagine how horrified Donna Lucrezia when 16 years later his daughter invites her fiancé who is none other than his own biological father to meet his family. The engagement is eventually canceled, but Casanova still have evil intentions and he ultimately still screwing Leonilda and mother.

Although Casanova said he did not sleep with his daughter at the time, a few years later he returned to see his daughter married to a man impotent. At that moment, Casanova to make her pregnant and gave birth to her own grandchildren.

The Living End are poor, lonely and dissatisfied with His life

In the end, the legend underwent his days as a poor outcast. He felt tired and dissatisfied with his life. It is then made to attempt suicide. The intention to commit suicide cancellation and finally he decided to write his life story in a memoir. Memoir which contains about adventure, intrigue, and betrayal that he did on the women.

Maybe some people think that changing partners or having multiple partners is a fun thing and even considered a feat in itself. Which is often forgotten, every option it has its own consequences.

Like Casanova, choice for adventure love making contracted sexually transmitted diseases, even regarded as being immoral and eventually had to undergo bitter end of life.

Giacomo Casanova does have ‘achievement’ outstanding as womanizer. No less than 132 women successfully stripped of his heart, ranging from the ladies nobility (noblewomen), actress, dancer, waitress palace (chambermaids), the slave woman Greece, niece of a priest, the daughter of a peasant, women hiperseks (nymphomaniac), five girls siblings plus his mother, even with two nuns.

What recipe Casanova, who secretly become a role model (role model) men (both nasal masher or not striped) this? It turns out the key word is a genuine concern. In the relationship with all the women, he always give love and attention and received total remuneration of their love.

In the dictionary of love, Casanova never apply the principle of ‘hit and run’, which is simply manipulate the weakness of women, enjoy sex and then left. He proclaimed himself as ‘free men’ (free agent or libertine) and writings in the book describe his thoughts controversial but unique.

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