Flood Most Weird World

Flood Most Weird World – flooding is a natural disaster that was not expected arrival because of the presence of these disasters at least there are victims who lost their lives.

behind the floods which occurred there are a strange thing. here are some of the most bizarre flood disaster in the world that we summarize:

Flood beer in London

London never happened a horrendous thing 100 years ago. Should this disaster happened a long time but this can not be forgotten by the people of london. Strange from the flooding water in this disaster is not water but beer. Flood with 4.6 meter tidal wave that swept London.

A keg of beer as high as three storeys broke and flooded streets and destroyed homes. A total of eight people were killed in this incident.


Flood hot water in Sweden

Flooding that occurred in Sweden instead of regular floods, but flood with hot water until almost boiling. Reported by the Daily Mail, the flood caused by a broken heating pipe explosion in the downtown area.


The steam from the hot water flooding makes the bus driver lost control and crashed into a group of pedestrians due to lack of visibility. Pipeline leak reported 19:15 hours local time.

The heating pipe is owned by Energy Kraftringen. Through his official website, the company management has apologized and urged residents to be careful through puddles.

Flood dirt Pigs in Germany


A village in Germany have experienced flooding events strange unique in 2006. The village is flooded pig manure with a greenish brown color.

Cause of this incident because the storage tanks of liquid pig manure is broken. As a result, flood pig manure as high as 1.5 meters occurred in the Bavarian village. but fortunately this incident not casualties, but this disgusting flood makes a lot of losses in the village.

Flood caramel in Boston


Perhaps you would never imagine what it was like drowning in a sea of ​​caramel. Perhaps if a little, it is nice and tasty caramel course, but if in large amounts, caramel can be a serious disaster. It is as happened in Boston, USA in 1919. A steel tank containing black syrup, known by the name of Molasses in the United States, sudden rupture.

The tank weighs a few pounds and is 26 meters high, caramel spread throughout the city and created a wave of sweet and sticky as high as 25 meters.

Flooding due octopus tentacles


The flooding caused by octopus A curious thing to come out of the tanks that hold it. Octopus is trying to open the tank valve with tentacles.

Santa Monica Pier Aquarium valve open and cause flooding in the aquarium’s office. The next morning, employees of the office were surprised to find their offices flooded. The incident occurred in 2009. This disaster fortunately did not cause loss of life both of humans and animals.

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