Fire of The Most revoke Lives

Fire of The Most revoke Lives – The fire was disaster caused by a natural and could also be caused by humans. Currently flammable materials met with mixed hot oxygen and acid substances, there will be a fire so we fear.

Genesis in the flames raging we often encounter in the forest either by natural processes, or in some buildings caused by electrical short-circuit or human error. do you know that this world never happened major fires that kill people so much in recorded history. Following the devastating fires that most casualties.

Great Hinckley Fire, Victim Dies 418

Other most devastating forest fires have occurred in Hinckley on 1 September 1894 ago. The fire devoured area reached 810 square kilometers, including the city of Hinckley and Minnesota.


Not only devoured the forest area, the fire also killed about 418 people although there is research that says 800 people died because of the fire incident.

Fire Strikes of Thumb, Victim Died 282


The first devastating forest fires, occurred in the Thumb, Michigan, USA, on September 5, 1881. At that time, the flames managed to devour more than 1,000,000 hectares of area in less than one day.

The rapid fire devoured the area is also triggered because of the ecological damage caused by logging, environmental conditions experienced drought, wind gusts of rapid and continuous heat occurs.

Events that killed 282 people is then referred to as “The Grat Thumb Fire”, some are called by the name “The Great Forest Fire of 1881” and “The Huron Fire”. Losses incurred due to the occurrence of these events is estimated at USD 2.347 million.

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Fire of Kursha-2, Victim Died 1200


Kursha-2 is an industrial society in the Middle Meshchyora, Ryazan Oblast. built after the October Revolution to exploit local forests. Kursha-2 destroyed by the disastrous storm of fire on August 3, 1936. This disaster caused human deaths 1,200 inhabitants.

Peshtigo Fire,  Victim Died 2500


Peshtigo fire devouring death of about 1.2 million hectares of forest. It is estimated that about 2500 people died in the deadly fire tragedy occurred. When there was a fire, weather conditions in the vicinity is the winter. This fire looks like a tornado as a fire, because it was the strong wind conditions.

Fire looks to turned in a tomb like a tornado. Tornado storm Peshtigo fire is also capable of lifting power poles, telephone, trees, and several other objects. There is no way to fight this fire tornado.

Many residents were found dead roasted in this incident. In fact, some are found in conditions that are very concern with the condition of the body is charred and almost became a mass cremation of human ashes.

Heat temperature of a fire tornado is estimated to reach 2000 degrees. It is estimated that, they died because too much sucking fumes, and drowned in the river while trying to save themselves from the tornado fire. Were also reports that some people commit suicide by shooting themselves, because they can not save themselves from the siege tornado of fire. In fact there is a very sad case.

A father was forced to kill three daughters then killed himself to avoid the fate of other victims. In addition, the river Peshtigo also reportedly many victims were swept away and drowned when they tried to escape. They plunged into the river when the temperature is very cold.

In addition to drowning, many victims died because hypothermia. When it was all over, more than 2500 people were killed. More than one million hectares of old growth virgin forest to ashes. It was a fire tornado deadliest in American history and condition of rubble still remains so to this day.

Cloquet Fire, Victim Died 453


Other devastating forest fires that have occurred is a fire Cloquet. The fire that struck the northern part of Minnesota in 1918 was caused by a spark local train suddenly appeared. Fire getting worse, because at that time the environment in the dry state.

This disaster led to the west of Carlton County destroyed, Moose Lake, Cloquet, and Kettle River. Cloquet region is the region most damaged by this disaster. This disaster is the worst natural disaster in the history of Minnesota. The loss of life created by this disaster was not kidding.

A total of 453 lives were lost, while 52,000 others were injured and some are choosing to flee. While 250,000 hectares of land was exhausted engulfed in the flames raging.

Great Fire of London, Victims Thousands of Lives


Great Fire of London is an event great fire that hit the city of London, England on Sunday, September 2nd until the day Wednesday, September 5th 1666. These fires destroy large parts of the city, but had not reached the aristocratic district of Westminster, Palace of King Charles II in Whitehall, and most of the slums on the outskirts of the city.

Great Fire of London scorch around 13,200 houses, 87 parish churches, 6 chapels, including St. Paul’s Cathedral and most of the other important buildings in London. About 100,000 people, or one sixth of the population of London at that time, were left homeless because of this incident.

The number of victims who died as a result of this fire is not known and is generally considered to be small, there were only six deaths were verified. But recently emerging theory that the possibility of thousands of deaths of poor and middle class are not recorded because most of them have sunk without recognition.

This catastrophe has led to the emergence of social and economic problems are huge in London. Evacuation of refugees to other places outside London recommended by King Charles II, who worried about possible revolt by the people displaced after the fire.

Although much of the plan for the new city planning matter, London eventually rebuilt with urban planning in exactly the layout of the city before the fire.

So dangerous that fire which is of course very much cause harm, large fires may kill most humans gives us the knowledge to be more alert to the dangers of fire so that we can better prevent it as early as possible.

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