Fernomena real miracle baby in the world

Fernomena real miracle baby in the world – Adorable baby behavior indeed. There’s just funny behavior they do to make laugh. However, usually this is done only to the extent they eat, drink, sleep, defecate, cries, and anything else that is fairly reasonable and appropriate to their age.

Who would have thought there were a few babies in various parts of the world who can do something that normally do adults. The baby is somewhat miraculous babies. Some of these babies will make anyone look amazed. Here we summarize the miracle baby Fernomena real world.

Toddler cock of DJ

If professional of DJ Disk Jockey or identical to an adult because of his profession that demands the world should be in the neighborhood at night, but there was also a toddler who has the ability to play the turntable.

A toddler in South Africa (South Africa) so the public spotlight because of his skills outstanding. At a very young age, he was adept at playing LPs. Yes, he may be called as a disc jockey or DJ youngest world. He was only about 2 years old. Arch Jnr name.

According to the father, Glen Hlongwane, boy Arch Jnr or AJ started to learn to be a DJ since his early age. Initially the boy began craze when playing DJ application on the iPad. The child then learns DJ virtually or through an application on a personal computer.

His name became known publicly world, particularly South Africa, right after his father was playing a video uploaded on a social media turntables. With an amazing talent he has, he has now been invited to a lot of various events and received many offers sponsors.

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Toddler cock  to play Biola


For Akim Camara, playing the violin may already be a fun thing, the article’s toddler was able to amaze a lot of people to play the violin.

Games Akim Camara is so amazing, even beyond the abilities of those who may be in over his age, even with the ability to play the strings of a violin, he could contribute and join an orchestra led by Andre Rieu in a musical performance in New Yorks titled, Radio City.

Performing along with Andre Rieu Akim is not the first time cooperation, because when Akim age of three years, he has also been collaboration with Andre in a musical performance that is no less magnitude.

Boy Age 2 Years memorized Entire Country


Although only 2 years old toddler native Yorkshire, northern England is awarded outstanding ability. When his friends busy to spend time with playing, Sherwyn Sarabi had managed to memorize the names of all countries in the world and the hobby of reading the Encyclopedia.

Sarabi clever turns 195 member states of the union of nations. Unique-storys.com friend he was fluent identify the location of these countries on the map. Sarabi other greatness is fluent reading an article of 500 words, be able to explain the function of organs and can tell of star race.

General knowledge of the boy surprising experts and parents themselves. His father claimed sarabi amazed at his son’s crazy learning.

When his parents brought him to a psychologist sarabi they got a suggestion continue to let the genius of this play and enjoy his childhood. Now parents sarabi get a scholarship offer from one of the best schools in Yorkshire.

Toddler served as a photographer Reliable


Onafujiri or familiarly called fuji is a 3-year-old toddler Nigerian origin who managed to shake the world. Because the boy’s 3-year-reliability using the camera.

Hand camera will produce beautiful images. Not when fotograper beautiful professional shots. Even fuji been photographing life of the people of Nigeria which is the environment he lives.

Photo of  stapler  managed to shake the world and displayed in the exhibition Lagos in Nigeria. Fuji indeed been born into a family of artists. Has now recorded 3000 photo shots fuji very impressive.

Babies Doing Rock Climbing


Rock climbing is an adrenaline sport that requires special skills. Not many people are able to do so. However, this baby girl has become a rock climber even when he has not been able to walk. Ellie was born to farmer Zak and Rachael in 2013.

The baby is now 20 months old it has started climbing using climbing boards installed in their homes since the age of 8 months. Ellie loved the sport.

Even his father zak even make personal climbing board beside the bed ellie. Occasionally they go hicking to the forest. Rachel and zak are also invited to place ellie rock climbing exercise 4 times a week. Ellie there will be a special rock-climbing for kids.

Unique-Storys.com companions during the climb ellie often fall but he never hurt. Once fall will usually end up with laughter. He would laugh and try to climb again until he managed to finish it. Ellie love for rock climbing is not without cause.

Ellie parents have a hobby of rock climbing. Ellie born even before he has been known as by the rock prodigy by family and friends. Because the mother is very active rachael melakkan climbing during pregnancy.

baby cock Swim


When the baby at the age of 16 months, a natural thing if they are able to walk or speak. But another story for Elizabeth. When his age  tread 16 months, he was able to swim. Not long ago a video uploaded on youtube footage shows a baby who is swimming.

The baby looks very comfortable when you are in the water. He swam with a facedown position and occasionally lifting his head to breathe. Just like adult swimming techniques.

Baby named Elizabeth was even jump into the water without using armpen. He also swam beside other pool without taking a breath though. Due to the release of a video that appeared much critical. They worry that the baby was forced to swim when he did not want to and feel exhausted. Elizabeth’s parents gave questions about the video.

The video uploader is none other than the baby’s father Adam BC says that she is a registered nurse. His wife also guard swimming pool that has been working for 6 years.

Adam added that he and his wife are well-trained professionals who are already certified in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation or CTR. He also wrote in the video that Elizabeth had been trained by a certified trainer who taught Infant Swimming Resource or ISR swimming and rescue techniques in baby.

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