Facts Unique Animals Arthropods, Scorpions

Facts Unique Animals Arthropods, Scorpions – You surely know the animal scorpion right? Yes, animals are known to be very deadly indeed mostly found in areas that tend to be dry and dark.

 These animals became dreaded animal because it has a sinister body shape and also have toxins that can cause death if stung. Animals in their natural habitat is actually the scorpion is one animal that is composed of many species are about 2000 species on earth.

The scorpions are active predators and seek prey in the form of small animals at night or also called nocturnal animals. Scorpion body size is generally about 2.5 to 20 centimeters and even some giant scorpions spesie are certainly getting in shape or appearance very scary.


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Scorpions have a variety of body colors like yellow-brown to black. However, scorpions are commonly encountered and most species are black scorpion. The animal has a body shape that brush segment is accompanied by two claws on the front and on the tail.

Tail body part that is the main weapon of scorpions to attack and kill prey as well as a form of self-defense from enemy threats. In addition to the tail of a scorpion there is also a very deadly poison that can immobilize his opponent’s body in an instant to then become stiff and slowly die. Surprisingly these animals will not be poisoned even though he had his prey animals attack through the poison.

Another unique fact, it turns the scorpion animals have eyes that amounted to ten, but it does not make this deadly animal has a clear vision. Animal scorpion still not able to see clearly that in view of the surrounding environment, especially to get the prey is based on instinct. Moreover besides known as predatory animals turns the scorpion animal is also a cannibal.

 When he feels hungry and unable to get prey, scorpions scorpion will eat other animals and even their own children. Additionally when mating usually the female scorpion became very aggressive and also if the current state of hunger he will eat his partner.

The existence of actual scorpion animals can be seen or detected as early as possible so that we can be vigilant to avoid the deadly animal. Usually scorpions emit smells like vinegar is acidic aroma of body fluids in place so that when you’re suddenly there was a sour smell of animal scorpion then the possibility exists.

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