Dinosaur Fossils Age 100 Million Years discovered by a boy

Dinosaur Fossils Age 100 Million Years discovered by a boy – Of course the question will arise in our minds how could a boy find dinosaur fossils 100 million years old?

An American boy who was 4 years old named Wylie. Wylie was inadvertently when first discovered rare fossils 100 million years old.

This incident took place when Dad Wylie, Tim Brys, who worked as a zoo keeper Wylie Dallas invites to look for fossils at a location near supermarket Matlock Road and Debbie Lane, Texas.


Activity looking for fossils recognized by Wylie’s father as an activity that often they do when being outdoors. At these locations is being part of the land has been dug to make way for the construction and Tim Brys said that he hoped to find some fossils of fish in the area.

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At the time of the incident, they have indeed managed to find some fossils of fish at the site. But suddenly Wylie to her father and showed his discovery of a piece of bone size is quite enormous.

At that time also Brys trying to dig again to try to find another fossil.

Such findings occur in late September 2014, but the permit evacuation in the new location of the new findings obtained several months later. The new discovery is not just any invention.

According to one scientist at Southern Methodist University, Wiley has found fossils that are associated with several rare dinosaur bones.

Southern Methodist University scientists began to explore the dinosaur fossils. After that, they speculated that the bone belonged to a group of dinosaurs called Nodosaurs-herbivorous creatures that lived during the late Jurassic, around the beginning of the Cretaceous period.

Brys also told NBC News that the fossil fossil Nodosaur is really rare, and there is the possibility of a new species. The fossil has now been transported by Southern Methodist University for further study.

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