Cuisine With Animals The Eaten Alive

Cuisine With Animals The Eaten Alive – Cooked alive and eaten alive, imagine a very cruel is not it? yes this cuisine does exist in this world whether it’s for health or seek only the pleasures other than on others which of course is not very suitable in our region.

Among the most horrible and disgusting as live shrimp are eaten or eat the flesh of the flesh of snakes move.

Bats Soup

Locals on the island of Guam particularly liked coconut milk soup dish with bats living in it. They catch the fruit bats from the wild, after which the bat is rinsed and put into a vat containing boiling water, before it is served with soup.


As we know that bats are animals that are capable of becoming a host or zoonosis is a disease transmitted from animals to humans.

Bats became home by  more than 60 virus can infected human. Recent research indicates the amount of virus in the body of the bat far exceeds that of the rat, rodent mammals known dirty and become a source of disease.

Casu marzu (Cheese Containing Maggot Living)


Italian Traditional cheese called casu marzu cheese is indeed not random. This cheese is made from traditional pecorino cheese is sliced ​​top and fermented naturally with the help of live larvae. For most people, eating cheese “decorated” with hundreds of live larvae may be something that is too reckless.

But not so with the Sardinians (a native of the island of Sardinia), for those casu marzu is a culinary heritage that has become an integral part of the culture of Sardinia. The cheese is usually enjoyed with dry bread typical of Sardinia in big events or family gathering. On the island of Sardinia, this cheese is a dish of honor.

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Sannakji Octopus Life


Sannakji is one dish of raw fish that is popular in Korea. According to Yonhap News, this dish is made of nakji, Korean for small or medium-sized octopus. Which makes this cuisine quite extreme, Sannakji eaten alive.

To present the surviving live octopus cut into pieces and sprinkled sesame, green onion shavings, and a light sauce. Because the octopus is still alive, the tentacles are still active even when served on a plate. Sometimes Sannakji also served whole, especially if the size is not too big octopus.

The live food should also be chewed completely before swallowing. If you usually take half a minute to a minute to chew food, you can spend many minutes to digest Sannakji.

Not to mention the thrill of pieces of octopus tentacles writhing in the mouth. However, there are still cases of people who choked while eating Sannakji occur. Some even died. For your information, at least six Korean people die each year from choking Sannakji.

Urchin Sea (urchins Life)


Urchins or sea urchins were found in oceans all over the world. round and spiny, typically measuring between 3-10 cm. Usually black and shades of green, olive, brown, purple, and red. They move slowly. In Indonesia sea, Urchin or better known as the “urchins” is a marine animal that is 95% of his body consisting of thorns.

Thorns “slightly” toxic is very fragile. Food this one does not move, but they are still alive. People do not realize that they had swallowed something alive when many live pig bristles attached to the oysters they eat. In Italy, sea urchins or they call with ricci di mare is a popular food, as well as the world-famous oysters.

Chumiles Tacos And Jumiles (Bug Life)


Food derived from insect with a foul odor and often eaten alive. Chumiles has a smaller size than jumiles and has a stronger flavor than jumiles. But both are very high in iodine.

These insects are generally living under a rock and is a typical Mexican food, especially in the area of ​​Taxco. They are often consumed alive by adding tacos, salsa, guacamole or other sauce to keep them running in the plate.

Sashimi Frog (Frog Cuisine Life)


Asadashi restaurant serves unique dishes and strange designed to increase virility. Usually sashimi made from fresh fish but the sashimi is “Sashimi Frog” one of the sashimi menu with ingredients frog half-life.

Before serving, chef will invite visitors to choose what they want to eat frogs. This kind of sashimi is the frog in Bullfrog. After the buyer chooses, before the eyes of the buyer chef will kill it. The frog then skinned and cleaned first before it is put into a bowl.

Then there are body parts of toads the boneless cut and toads are fresh and have not completely died immediately served. Toads are in sashimi bowl is still able to move his body to brusaha run and can even blink his eyes to the customer.

In the presentation, frog sashimi is served complete with ice, soy sauce and lemon wedges. Another piece of reinforced body will be warm soup.

Ikizukuri (Fish Half Life)


Ikizukuri is a Japanese-style sashimi dish serving fresh fish alive. Or borrow another term in a state still serves fresh. Outside of Japan, ikizukuri very controversial because it is cruel and inhumane.

Meanwhile some of the others, especially the people of Japan found ikizukuri is part of the cultural heritage. Eating fresh fish in a state still is the experience of eating food with unique and interesting. Moreover, ikizukuri a high-quality cuisine and classy. Only certain restaurants that offer ikizukuri, because it requires a highly skilled chef, trained, and experienced.

Because the enjoyment and value that makes the presentation of the prestigious ikizukuri fresh dish is still much in demand. Although the animal rights organization, said that when served alive, her nervous system was still working and the animals still have the ability to experience pain and fear.

Meanwhile fans ikizukuri found when served, the fish is actually dead. Because the process is very quick death, the fish floundering on a serving plate is a response to the rest of the nervous system that is disconnected suddenly, and not the movement of animals are dying. Pathetic!

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