British Woman’s Safe After Stuck in Refrigerator

British Woman’s Safe After Stuck in Refrigerator – Humans generally can not survive long in temperatures of minus especially to a temperature of minus 30. However, a miracle experienced by woman from English named Karlee Daubeney.

Karlee Daubeney is an employee at the Subway restaurant in London. When she was taking groceries in a large refrigerator in which he worked.

Suddenly when she wanted out of the refrigerator, he could not open the refrigerator door. Allegedly the refrigerator door is locked by someone who does not know that Karlee was inside.


At that time Karlee very panicked and did not know what to do because he did not bring mobile phones into the freezer so he could not call for help.

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At the time locked in the fridge, Karlee Daubeney wearing only pants and shirt were so thin that it can not mask the coldness when he was stuck in the refrigerator.

Because of this the longer Daubeney Karlee body temperature is getting lower and he suffered hiportemia because they can not withstand the cold temperature of the refrigerator. He had thought that he would die and would not be safe from the refrigerator.

However, the magic came to Karlee Daubeney, in a state that is very weak and helpless, he found a piece of paper and sauce in the refrigerator, which he tried to write a word of “Help” and put it in front of the refrigerator through the air gap bottom of the refrigerator door.

The next day in the morning after 11 hours in the fridge, the one friend Karlee look Karlee Daubeney messages written on a paper by using chili sauce.

Finally friend Karlee karlee rescue  from the refrigerator. Nobody is aware that Karlee Daubeney trapped in the restaurant freezer.

After successfully safed and handled by a doctor, Karlee Daubeney experienced some health problems which are difficult to walk for several days because the muscles are cold because Karlee Daubeney taste in the fridge for 11 hours.

Additionally, Karlee Daubeney within a few days experiencing migraine or migraine headache and skin becomes dry, especially in the parts around the nose. However, this time Karlee Daubeney condition had improved as usual after a long treatment process.

CM Ventures company that manages the subway restaurants prosecuted for violating the health and safety of its employees. Companies CM Ventures rated careless in observing the work safety of employees which resulted in employees nearly died.

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