Animals With Deadly Electrical Shock

Animals With Deadly Electrical Shock –¬†Electrical charges emitted by living things produced by positive ions and negative ions are present in all living things.

Including humans can generate electricity from his body. This post discusses about the animals that are capable of producing large power used to feed and protect themselves from other predators. The following animals which produce electricity and some can even kill humans.

Electric Pari fish

Electric ray or electrically Stingrays have similarities with the electric eel, which is capable of controlling the voltage on each electric charge in his body.

Organ electricity production was located on both sides of the head, and both can generate electricity together from 8 to 220 volts.


There are 69 species of stingray electrically, and which has an electric power of the most dangerous is a fish called torpere.

The name means “causing stiffness or paralysis”, because the electric shock providing such effects. The average electric shock generated electricity stingray equivalent to the effect of dropping a hair dryer into the tub.



Including members of the order monotreme, spiny echidnas are animals that have a long snout, which serves as the mouth once the nose.

That long snout that can generate electrical signals, which help them find insects to be devoured. When on the ground, this animal muzzle is always wet, so it can still conduct electricity when it will prey on insects.

However, scientists have suggested that these animals owned electricity is to function as a self-protection in the face of predators, as they are not too difficult to find prey without using the power of electricity.

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Elephant Trunk fish


Peters elephantnose fish also called elephant’s trunk fish found around the river in west and central Africa. Views fish body is dark in color, and has a bulge like an elephant’s trunk that was in his head, which is her mouth.

These animals have organs that can generate electricity, which is located in the tail. Special electric organ was called electroplax (or electroplaques).

When it is at rest or is not used, each cell electroplax it has a negative charge on the inside, and a positive charge on the outside. When the organ was stimulated through muscular contractions (such as the touch of a predator), then the current electric will turn around, and sting any creature touching it.

Hammer Head shark


Hammer head sharks (Hammer head shark) has hundreds of thousands of organ electrorecptor called ampullae in their bodies.

The organ that makes this shark to be the only shark that has the greatest electrical sensitivity, which can detect the electrical signals from the other animals so make it easier to find prey.

This shark electric organ serves to detect the electric fields generated by the occupants of the other water, even down to the seabed. In addition, these sharks also use their internal electrical detection devices such as GPS (Global Positioning System), which helped them adapt to the ocean currents like having the navigation.

Electric Catfish


Freshwater catfish (Catfish electric) is native to the tropics of Africa, and catfish is capable of generating up to 250 volts of electricity equivalent to the amount needed to operate the computer for 45 minutes.

With such power, catfish is also able to deal with predators and other animals that try to bother him. Electric organs of these animals is a specialized muscle tissue that forms a layer such as agar-agar, and is located under the skin.

Electric Skate


These animals spend most of their time on the seabed or in cold water, and use electricity ability to absorb a weak electric field which is issued by the shrimp, snails, and clams, which become their favorite meal.

The animal’s mouth is located in the lower part of his body, so that makes it easier to find and eat food. Animal electricity generated comes from its tail, and sting produces different effects depending on the species that stung. They use electric force it against predators, and to recognize each other and communicate with one another.

Electric eels


Although named the electric eel (Electric eel), but this animal was not classified as an eel, but rather as a fish. Animals that are found in the waters of South America is capable of generating electricity that is larger than the other electrified animals.

In addition, the electric eel is able to generate electrical energy for one hour continuously without getting tired. Electrical energy generated this animal reaches 500 volts, so that the sting can result in death, even for a human being an average-sized adult.

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