Ancient Civilizations Destroyed In Overnight

Ancient Civilizations Destroyed In Overnight – Civilization term is often used to demonstrate our opinions and judgments on the development of a culture which time cultural development reached its peak tangible cultural elements are smooth beautiful, tall, polite, virtuous, and so on.

The hard work of the people who changed into a more advanced civilization of course require a long time. Just imagine if it had made progress, and the city that is being built by an advanced civilization, just disappear in one night. Following an ancient civilization that disappeared overnight.

Ancient city of Mohenjo Daro

The ancient city of Mohenjo Daro was found in Pakistan in 1911. All the evidence or debris indicates that the city is very sophisticated and advanced in his time that the days of 2,500 BC – 1,900 BC.


The streets were planned and supported by a complex drainage system, and the whole town seemed to be very concerned with cleanliness. Actually still a mystery about what happened to the residents of the city.

There is no sign of this town attacked another nation, hit by floods or other natural disasters. Mohenjo Daro population disappeared.

Loulan civilization


Loulan currently overrun by tourists in China because of its historic value. But what happened in this town in ancient times to this city to rubble as can be seen now? In short, Loulan is an important point along the Silk Road.

Since this is also a city of Loulan was rich and fertile, and also is home to 14 thousand people. But in the 7th century, Loulan became a ghost town and abandoned by its inhabitants. Fierce sand storm drain and river oasis town so that residents migrated to other places.

Thonis Civilization


An amazing city, Thonis, in Egypt near Alexandria, Egypt used to be the main port and one of the most important port city in the world. Thonis grown from 6 to 4th century BC.

Legend even says Helen of Troy and Heracles never visit this city. But at one time it was over just like that. Researchers believe that Thonis sunk due to a major earthquake or may flood. This city was lost and forgotten for centuries until the French archaeologist Franck Goddio, discovered the ruins of the city in 2000.

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Ancient city of Akrotiri


Akrotiri is the name of a settlement to the Minoan in Greece. While the other nations still live in huts and destroy each other with a stone ax, Minoan nation has created an empire that is very advanced and survive until thousands of years before it was destroyed in a single night.

Thera volcano erupts with power comparable to four Krakatoa. The city is directly showered with ash and hit by a tsunami that destroyed the building to pieces. Crops were destroyed, the sun was shining and the entire Minoan civilization come to ash.

Civilization Ubar


In the 1980s, archaeologists using NASA satellites and super-radar to found the remains of civilization Ubar in desert Rub ‘al Khali in the Arabian Peninsula. Ubar is a very important city in its heyday and was the only city that has access to water in the desert.

For about 5,000 years, the people of Persia, Greece and Rome to gather there to buy its main commodities incense. Between the years 300 and 500 AD, the city fell into the sinkhole or a hole that suddenly formed.

Over time, the cave under the city of Ubar became increasingly dry until brittle and destroyed cave roof, drowning out the city on it. Even if there were survivors, they will die of hunger trapped inside the earth.

Ancient city of Port Royal


Port Royal is located in Jamaica had become a haven for pirates. Its population is filled with people who love to fight, murderers, prostitutes and the most heinous ever.

Actually, Port Royal itself is a beautiful island, but must end awful. Nature take sadistic way to destroy this city, first by a major earthquake. Then submerge the sea this city, and the last about half of the population that survived die from the disease. When the earthquake and tsunami in 1692, almost the whole of Port Royal sank in just over 2 minutes.

Petra civilization


Not difficult to understand why Petra is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world. The town is located in the Jordan is covered by mountains and rugged cliffs, Petra itself was carved out of a huge cliff about 2000 years ago by the Nabataeans.

Despite its location in the desert, Petra highly sophisticated water systems make the city could develop into the center of the main trade route linking China, India, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Petra finally was under Roman rule, and a series of strong earthquakes make abandoned by its inhabitants.

Ancient city of Helike


Helike is another city in Greece affected by natural disasters. For five days at the time of 373 BC, the population seeing snakes and rodents migrate seek higher ground again.

And on the fifth day, residents began to report the presence of light a big fire in the sky is now known as the earthquake lights.

Helike city and its inhabitants swallowed by the earth just for the next sunk again by lagoon water. For more details on what happened, the city sand became molten and dragged the whole city goes into it. The collapse of the city so strong that sends waves of the sea, who immediately bounced back to them in the form of a tsunami.

Pompeii Civilization


Is one of the ancient Roman city of the most famous in the world because of its culture, and also because of what happened at the end of civilization. Pompeii is the most immoral city ever, adultery and fornication are common in this city.

Same-sex relationships or even incest too much going on. One day in the year 79 AD, the volcano Vesuvius erupted spewing ash and about 24 hours later. Hot white ash blew town with winds of about 900 mph.

Rain of fire fell from the sky. Thousands of people were killed instantly and their bodies preserved by a layer of ash. Even archaeologists discovered their bodies are still in a position of intercourse.

Ancient city of Urgench


Urgench is situated on the river Amu-Darya in Uzbekistan, Ürgenç or Urgench is one other largest cities on the Silk Road. 13th century 12th Ürgenç a golden age, as the capital of the Central Asian empire Khwarezm.

In 1221, Genghis Khan leveled Urgench mercilessly. Young women and children enslaved by the Mongols, and the remainder were slaughtered.

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