Action of crazy What Do the Name of Love

Action of crazy What Do the Name of Love – As the proverb says that love is blind, it shows that humans can do anything in the name of love.

Although what is done it looks very extreme. Some crazy things are done by people under this makes us wonder will awesomeness influence this sacred word. Disclosure love or proof of love was done apparently without rational reason. Whether happy or endless tragic, the following actions are performed mad for love.

Kneeling of 30 Days

This crazy action going on in a salon area of ​​Dongying, Shandong province, China. There was a young man known to have come from Sichuan was kneeling with his head bowed.

The young man was reluctant to stand before the lover who works in the salon give him a word of apology, as reported by China Smack. Residents who every day see the action of the poor man looked so sorry.


Not a few of those who try hard to ask him to stand and stop the action. But perhaps because of guilt is too big or too big his love to the girl, he was reluctant to stand. He just wants to stand after his girlfriend to forgive him.

Some residents who witnessed the man even then indicate if the man had long been on his knees. Days until the suspect is already more than a month old. It will struggle infinite love. Well, if you become a lover of the poor man, whether to forgive him or wait for a new fainting forgive this man?

Shooting Yourself


These events occurred in 2011, and the culprit is Jordan Cardella origin Wisconsin. Youth 20 this year was heartbroken when his girlfriend broke love them both. Desperate to regain his love, Jordan reckless ask acquaintances, Michael Wezyk to shoot himself with a shotgun original.

Hopefully, the former lover into a pity because he saw Jordan injured and eventually want to go back to him. Then the two friends went to a deserted park and began the action ridiculous.

Jordan asks Michael shot him three times. The first shot landed in the arms of Jordan, and the blond man was immediately fell to the ground holding his bleeding hand.

Fortunately, Michael still has common sense. He failed the second and third fired and immediately brought Jordan to the hospital. Is Jordan effort is successful? Ironically, not at all. The former was afraid and did not want to deal with the same sekalu Jordan. He never even visited him in the hospital. Jordan and Michael had to crouch two years in jail and 100 hours of community service.

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Share Lover


Joddie and Jez who has a 2-year-old age range are a couple who began dating since June 2010. Initially their relationship running smoothly and normally like lovers in general until the 1-year anniversary of their relationship in June 2011 and then, Jez seen getting bored on existing relationships and make Joddie worried.

Therefore, Joddie try my best to make a romantic relationship with Jez back as usual. Jez but in fact the condition is not improved. “Until one afternoon Jez admitted that he has a relationship with another person, and I was very surprised,” said Joddie at The Sun.

Joddie initially thought that Jez having an affair with another woman before finally Jez admitted that he is bisexual and the affair was a man named Tommy. Hearing this, spontaneously Joddie immediately expel Jez. Until one day in November 2011, suddenly appeared in front of the house Jez Joddie with Tommy.

“Jez said that he still loved me and wanted to reestablish our relationship, Tommy had never seen before was agreed by nodding his head,” said Joddie. Finally, because the love that remains at the heart Joddie, Joddie reinstate Jez also dating with Tommy. Since then, the three of them agreed to ‘share’ Jez is unfair in that each get a share of 2 days a week to meet Jez. It’s crazy!

Makes Sketch Website of Dream Girl


Patrick Moberg was 21 years old when he saw a girl who always dreamed of a subway train in November 2007. She was wearing a light blue over dark blue stockings, her face draped blush and a rose in her hair ornaments.

Moberg told the New York Post, “There are thousands of beautiful girls that I saw, but he is the only one that I can not forget.” Once terpesonanya, Moberg go home and build a website in an effort to find it. He drew a sketch of the girl and describe in detail what he was wearing when their eyes met.

In addition to the website, the image was then he post to various social media. Then the result is what? After a long wait, Moberg managed to find it! One friend of the girl saw a picture of it and contacted via email. Up to now they became lovers happy.

Splitting Hill


Dashrath Manjhi spent 20 years to make the roads during this time he and the rest of the villagers asked to government.  makes hift tools such as chisels, Dashrath Manjhi succeeded in splitting the rock into two parts. Path formed by the splitting of the hill is wide enough to drivable motorcycles and carts transporting goods.

What makes Dashrath Manjhi able to do very hard work for 20 years? According to his speech, love for his wife who had given him the strength to begin the heavy work, although he is no longer alive to witness the results of his labors.

“My wife, Faguni Devi, fell and was seriously injured while crossing the hill. At that time he intends to bring drinking water for me. I work on a farm that lies behind this hill. That was the day I decided to sculpt this hill and menjadikanya a road .

” Dashrath Manjhi said. Dashrath Manjhi wife died after falling ill and was taken to hospital given the difficult journey that must be traveled between their village to the hospital.

“My love to my wife was the initial spark that had lit the fire of my desire to sculpt this way. But the desire of seeing thousands of villagers across the hills whenever they want, make me able to work for years without any fear and worry.”

Make 6000 Rung


Liu Guojiang is a young man from China was 19 years old, fell in love with Xu Zhaoqing who was 10 years older than him. In ancient times, exactly 50 years ago love affair age difference is forbidden. Only one person can do who falls in love with an older person, that fight with a bobcat or mountain lion to death.

Liu and Xu finally decided to flee to the mountains. For 50 years, they lived together in a cave far from civilization. Without electricity, adequate food or other amenities as in urban areas.

Initially the couple has only two roots, grass and juice from plants to survive. Liu eventually managed to build a house in the cave. He made a staircase with 6,000 steps so that his wife could easily ride down the mountain. They also worked together to find food and making clothes.

Runs 1,600 Km


In 2011, a Chinese artist named Liu Peiwen propose to his girlfriend. Jokingly, the girl is willing origin Peiwen meet the requirements, Peiwen have to walk from Anyang City to Guangzhou as far as 1,600 km to meet his parents. Crazy, Peiwen willing to qualify it.

By walking 40 km per day, Peiwen finally arrived in Guangzhou. More crazy, after Peiwen fulfill his promise, the girl texting him saying, “I do not want to marry you.” It turns out that the girl’s parents had set her up with someone else.

Do crazy things for love above may give positive feedback to you that love is the necessary proof. Nowadays proof of love do not need to be done like the above, enough with sincere love and care about your partner. Fulfill your obligation as a human being to be. Love is peace.

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