7 Signature is Most Expensive in the World

7 Signature is Most Expensive in the World – Signature is one of the signs of the written and usually it use to support several activities. Such as ratification of the building with a special meaning for the requesting party.

Usually the signatures will be considered very valuable because coming from the leaders are quite famous such as artists, public figures, presidents and influential people in the world. So anyone with signature character the most expensive ?, namely :

William Shakespeare


William Shakespeare was a poet and also a British philanthropist. Figure better known as playwright is recorded has 6 pieces of original signatures at a price that reaches  $ 5 million.

Certainly, with these amount make the signature of the person known as the “ Bard of Avon “ is declared to be the signature of the most expensive in the world.

Albert Einstein & Princess Diana

A letter signed by Albert Einstein onece rewarded with $ 14,240 or same as USD 174.08 million. Einstein’s initial price of the same value as an autographed photo of Princess Diana.

John F Kennedy

A letter with handwritten signature John F Kennedy (Former US president) was rewarded with a value of $ 12,528 or approximately USD 153.15 million.

Winston Churchill, Jhon Lennon, Marilyn Monroe

Pictures with the mark icons such as Sir Winston Churchill, Jhon Lennon and Marilyn Monroe each value with $ 11,050 or approximately USD 135.08 million.

Harry Houdini

You must spend money worth $ 9,550 (USD 116.74 million) to be able to have one signature of Harry Houdini. This price is based on the price in 2014.

Charles Dickens

Price of a letter with signature of Charles Dicknes reached $ 7,880 or approximately USD 96.33 million.

Abraham Lincoln

A letter with signature of US President Abraham Lincoln (1863, January 8) who defends a movement of emancipation proclamation redeemed on the auction market to get the initials of the leading figures in the US at price of $ 748,000 in 1991.

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