3 Gang Biker of American Most Phenomenal

Hells Angels

A motorcycle gang who can say as most famous motorcycle gang in the world of all othe motorcycle. Slogan of motorcycle gang this one is “ Hells Angels Wannabe”.

The motorcycle gang stand in California in 1940. Their logo is “Death Heads”, taken from the logo of the Isignia of the 85th Fighter Squadronand the 552nd Medium Bomber Squadron were given a white background.

Network of this motorcycle gang scattered around the United States, New Zealand, Russia, Nort America, Europe, South America and Australia.



A motorcycle gang this one is also very well known as the Mongols, such as it is already known that the nation is identic with large bodies, dark skin, and is also high.

Mongols motorcycle gang was also formed in 1969 in Montebello, California.

Beginning of the establishment of the motorcycle gang is based on  a rejection of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang who is not willing to accept them (the Mongols) because of differences in skin color.

The motorcycle gang is identic with black and white and pictures of animals bears.


While for network of the motorcycle gang is spread in the western United States, but is also found in Mexico, Canada and Italy.

In 2008, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested all members of this motorcycle. In the  arrest operation, the FBI managed to capture 38 members, including one that was caught was the founder Mongols motorcyclegang that Ruben “Doc” Cavazos. Until now anyone who still uses Mongol logo will soon be arrested.



Motorcycle gang of Pagans was formed in 1959 and in 1965 was able to development rapidly. Pagans have a pictorial logo gigantic fire that seemed to sit while holding a sword.

In addition Pagans also use tattoos that read Nunya (Nun’Ya fuckin’ Bussines) and ARGO (Ar Go Fuck Yourself).

Unfortunately, the network of a motorcycle gang is limited on the East Coast of America and in February 2002, there are 73 members were arrested on long Island as a result of the incident a fight with the Hells Angel.

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